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DVD Review - Freak Show Cinema

Freak Show Cinema
12 Horror Films
Directors: Kemal Yildirim, Gary Ugarek, Chris Hazenberg, Zach Klinefelter, Kevin McDonagh, William Victor Schotten, Jason Cavalier, Keith Kurlander, David Dietz, Dick Campbell,
Christopher Abram, Chris Lumb, Chris Hazenberg
Release Date: August 20, 2013
Retail: $9.98
Running Time: 17 hours 10 minutes
Rating: Unrated


Mill Creek Entertainment recently released 12 low-budget independent horror movies on a three-disc set titled Freak Show Cinema, just in time for Halloween.

The 12 movies are:

Tales of the Dead: Grim Stories of Curses, Horror and Gore (2010) - Five friends gather together every year at Halloween to tell spooky tales, but they are unaware of the horror that awaits them.

Zombie Genocide: Legion of the Damned (2012) - A biochemical terrorist attacks, resulting in humans turning into flesh-eating zombies. This movie actually came out in 2006 under the title "Deadlands: The Rising."

The Curse of Blanchard Hill (2006) - In 1985, Victor McShane went missing near the Blanchard Hill. Twenty years later, a group of campers stumble upon Blanchard Hill and they are being stalked by a killer.

Idol of Evil: Hell Is Forever (2009) - Dr. Kixley and others are kidnapped by Satanists, David Hilton (a mythological expert) is requested by the Vatican to rescue them. Though the back of the DVD jacket says it was released in 2009, it was actually released in 2011.

Below Ground: Demon Holocaust (2012) - Dave Dommin takes in four people during a demon invasion and he documents everything as they try to survive.

Order of One: Kung Fu Killing Spree (2011) - Mr. Parker, a crime lord, is searching for the spear that pierced the side of Jesus on the Cross, as he believes the spear will give him unspeakable power.

Cold Creepy Feeling: Paranormal Exorcism (2011) - A couple move to the small town of Joshua Tree, California, but their perfect home seems to be haunted. It was actually released in 2010.

Indemnity: Rage of a Jealous Vampire (2011) -  A man on the run from his ex-girlfriend, who is hellbent on killing him, takes refudge at a bar. One again, another mistake on the DVD jacket. It actually came out in 2012.

Glitter Goddess: Queen of the Sunset Strip (1991) - Against her family's wishes, Llana Lloyd begins worshiping Alice Copper and becomes a rock n' roll groupie.

Dark Measures: Gang Warfare (2012) -Molly's life is turned upside down when she is attacked by ruthless thugs. She barely survives, but the thugs are still after her.

By The Devils Hands: The 666 Killer (2011) - The film actually came out in 2009 and involves the 666 Killer coming out of retirement after twenty-five years.

Tuck Bushman and the Legend of Piddledown Dale (2009) - Tuck Bushman is an out-of-work TV presenter and creature hunter, but he tries to stop whatever is causing the strange happenings around a remote Yorkshire village.

Typically, Mill Creek Entertainment repackages the same public domain horror movies around Halloween every year, but not with Freak Show Cinema, as the twelve movies haven't been packaged together in one set before. Many of the movies in this collection were filmed in the U.K., but all twelve moves were filmed on a extremely low-budget giving them a homemade feel to them. Horror films are known for bad acting, but these films have the most horrible acting ever recorded, and that says something as I have seen some really bad movies. Dark Measures: Gang Warfare, The Curse of Blanchard Hill and Tuck Bushman and the Legend of Piddledown Dale were the only interesting movies from this set. The others were hard to sit through.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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