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Review - Canvas Bound by Laura M. Kolar

Canvas Bound
Captive Art, Book 1
By Laura M. Kolar
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing
Pub. Date: July 3, 2013
ISBN: 978-1940215150
Pages: 230
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Here it is on my 32nd birthday today and I'm posting my review on a young adult paranormal novel. You would think I would be tired of the genre by now, but the new supernatural stories have matured passed the typical human/vampire star-crossed love plot, therefore keeping me interested in reading them.

Canvas Bound is the debut novel from Laura M. Kolar and the first book in the Captive Art series. There are no werewolves, elves, vampires, or fairies in this tale. Sixteen-year-old Libby Tanner is a gifted painter and is attending Aldridge Art Academy in England. While she isn't painting, she is dreaming about the love of her life, Dean James; the only problem is Dean already has a girlfriend.

Despite being in love with someone else, Libby begins dating Brent Henderson, a performing art student at the Academy.

Lily's projects are not your typical paintings, as she creates her own magical world on the canvas. Inside her paintings, the leaves on the trees move and she even sees a mysterious boy moving around.

Has her imagination gone wild? Or are her paintings becoming real?

The only way for her to find out is to step inside her painting and discover the mystery hiding beneath the colors.

Canvas Bound reminds me somewhat of Stephen King's Rose Madder, where the main characters can enter into a painting, though the Laura M. Kolar has created her own unique world. Some young adult novels tend to be a little too dramatic, but the author ignored all the clich├ęs and wrote an exciting page turner with likeable characters. Overall, I enjoyed reading Canvas Bound and I'm looking forward to the future sequels. 

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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