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Review - Arkeepers: Episode 4: Guardians

Arkeepers: Episode 4: Guardians
By W.J. Madsen
Publisher: little m books
Pub. Date: January 26, 2012
ISBN: 978-0983048732
Pages: 248


When there is a strange mystery to be solved, you can bet the Inspector Moustachio and Inspector Girl is there to solve the case. The brother and sister detective duo is actually an eleven-year-old Jake Moustachio and his eight-year-old sister, Alexa, along with their cat, Rex, and guinea pig, Sandy. They are the Keepers of the Universe, AKA the Arkeepers, who solve the mysteries of universe and battle the evil forces of the Deminion Darkeepers.

It is Halloween Night and there is chaos in the Moustachio's home. Jake and his friends are having an online Sphynx-3 video game marathon, while the doorbell keeps ringing with each new trick-or-treaters arriving for some candy.  Luckily, Grandma Moustachio is there to help their mother with the trick-or-treaters. Sounds like a great Halloween night, but Jake and Alexa are the Arkeepers, so they must drop everything they are doing to investigate a strange voice that comes from the other side of the magical magnifying glass. Of course, Rex and Sandy come along for the ride.

Jake and Alexa arrive to the other world thinking this would be a quick mystery to solve, but little did they know that this would be biggest mystery for them so far as they will travel to the Great Pyramids and battle Sphynx kitties and mummies. And of course Mrs. Smythe and Baron Von Snodgrass are never too far behind.

Each new Arkeepers book I read never disappoints me. The mysteries keep getting bigger with even more twists and turns at every corner. The author does a great job building up the suspense and for creating likeable characters that children and adults will both like. Overall, the Guardians is my favorite book in the series, mainly because it is set on my favorite holiday, Halloween. I recommend it everyone.

* I received a free copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author:

Best-selling children's author, W.J. Madsen, starting writing as a dare from his then second grade son who was having trouble writing a book report. You see, W.J. was trying to teach his son that as long as you have an imagination and a blank sheet of paper, you have the power to turn your written thoughts into the most amazing adventure of a lifetime. And what an adventure it has become! W.J. Madsen is a (RIF) Reading Is Fundamental booklist pick author. In 2007 he shared that spot with New York Times' best selling authors, Blue Balliett and Anna Dale. Madsen's quirky style of writing has been hailed as having a Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland style (and appeal). He is the recipient of three Disney iParenting Media awards for best in book. Madsen's one-man crusade through the children's literary world has been written about in best-selling author, Laura B. Fortgang's 2011 book, The Prosperity Plan (Tarcher/Penguin). W.J. lives in New Jersey with his wife Beth, their kids, Jake & Alexa, a ravenous guinea pig named Sandy, the always-tempestuous feline, Tobias, and the one and only, Rex, the cat!

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