Tuesday, 16 April 2013

DVD Review - Once Upon a Rhyme

Once Upon a Rhyme
Studio: Nickelodeon
Release Date: April 30th, 2013
DVD SRP: $14.99
Run Time: 139 minutes
Features: Full Screen Format; Dolby Digital - English Stero


Nickelodeon will be releasing Once Upon a Rhyme on DVD on April 30, 2013 featuring the most popular nursery rhyme episodes from Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, The Fresh Beat Band, Dora the Explorer, The Wonder Pets!, and Blue's Room.

I'm not too familiar with the programs aimed for pre-schoolers, but I was aware of Dora the Explorer and Blue's Room, but the other four shows are new to me. Nickelodeon nicely sent me a complimentary early copy for this review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Bubble Guppies is completely new to me. The series takes place in the underwater city Bubbletucky. This release features the episode "Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf", where Deema finds her passion for acting when she fills in as the Big Bad Wolf for the production of The Three Little Pigs.

In the episode Umi City Treasure Hunt from the series Team Umizoomi, Milli, Geo and Bolt find a treasure map and go on a treasure hunt all across Umi City. This is a cute episode with lots of adventure, plus it is also educational.

The Fresh Beat Band is the only live-action series on this release, featuring the episode "Royal Wedding", where the band is excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding, but the wedding may never happen as the Princess has a crush on their fellow band member, Twist. The episode reminds me of S Club 7, only sillier. I'm sure children will love the catchy music.

In Dora Saves the Three Little Piggies, Dora the Explorer, along with Boots and Swiper, are on a mission to restore the fairy tale "The Three Little Piggies" back to the original version. I have heard of Dora the Explorer, but this is my first time watching it. I can see why the series is popular with kids as Dora teaches and entertains the viewers at the same time.

There are two episodes of The Wonder Pets!, starting with "Help the Cow How Jumped Over the Moon", where the pets are off on an adventure to help the Young Cow jump over the moon. The Wonder Pets jump into a storybook in "Save the Unicorn" to help a Baby Unicorn, who's horn is stuck in a tree. The animation style is silly, but there are several catchy songs.

Everybody's favorite female puppy returns in Blue's Room ( a short-lived spin-off of Blue's Clues), where Blue and her friends Sprinkles, Roary, Goldie, and Joe, act out their own version of the fairy tale classic in "Little Red Riding Blue".

Once Upon a Rhyme has over two full hours of educational fun that kids and adults will enjoy watching together. I didn't know what to expect from these episodes, but I ended up enjoying each one. Families will be taking their summer vacations soon and I think Once Upon a Rhyme would be solid entertainment for kids to watch on a portable DVD player. Overall, I liked every episode of these Nickelodeon classics and I recommend it to others.

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