Friday, 15 February 2013

Making a Few Extra Bucks With An Early Spring Cleaning

Spring is over a month away, but my place is in dire need of a spring cleaning or a major overhaul. My desktop is cluttered with piled up books (paperbacks and hardbacks), a huge stack of music CDs, the cordless stereo headphones that probably need to be charged, countless Walmart receipts scattered about, seven inkless pens, and about ten dollars of lose change. The living room looks worse with dozens of DVDs stacked up, more books, video games that I never play, dirty coffee mugs, and puzzle boxes on the floor. After one look at my disaster area, I thought, “Has Amelia Bedelia been in here?”

The old saying goes, “A cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind. A tidy desk is the sign of an insane mind.”

For me, a messy area can be a major distraction when I’m working on writing projects. At times it can be a mental drag when I’m unable to locate important papers or books because they’re buried under a pile of junk, it is the biggest time waster.

What should I do with the books, music and movies that no longer interest me?

Considering my current financial situation, I think the last two are my best options. I know people that have made money from garage sales, but in my town you have to have a permit. Plus, I would have to run an ad in the local newspaper about the sale. Therefore, I believe I would lose money by having a garage sale. Maybe I should sell my wii, books, music CDs, puzzles, and movies online. I know there is a small fee for posting items, but I think I could make a little profit.

My final thoughts is that I could either:
  1. Donate the items to Salvation Army.
  2. Toss everything into the trash.
  3. Have a garage sale.
  4. Sell everything on eBay or on Music Magpie.


  1. You would probably do better online. You might even look around and see about finding communities of people who look for those things and then you can just handle everything through paypal and deal with less fees from sites like ebay. I've used a few communities on Livejournal to sell things before with good success.

  2. completely love that you referenced Amelia Bedelia.

    And I am feeling that at my house quite a bit at the moment too.

    You can check facebook for you area - a lot of time they have an online garage sale for you county or area or one close and you can post ads and sell things for free!

    Best of luck


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