Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Become More Sociable with Hypnosis

I've been a shy person for all of my life. I recall hiding behind my mother's leg when I was a little kid when strangers would approach. Throughout my elementary school years, I kept to myself and didn't speak much during class, resulting in me having no friends. Junior High and High School was even worse, resulting in me being bullied and lead me down a path of depression. My shyness has become better over the years, but I still have a problem being around crowds and being sociable around others.

I'm well aware that it is a psychological problem that can be fixed with therapy, but with all the healthcare drama, I can't afford it. Therefore, I became interested in hypnotherapy. After doing some research, I asked if I could review a few of their products. They nicely agree to send me two free MP3s in exchange for my honest review.

Overcome Shyness is narrated by Barrie St John. The session runs just over twenty-three minutes, so it easy to find time during the day to listen to it. Just like any other hypnosis, you shouldn't listen to it while you are driving. You should be either lying down or sitting in a char. You need to be relaxed during the sessions. The session uses relaxing hypnotic music in the background while Barrie St John guides you into a relaxed state of mind. Once relaxed, Barrie instructs you on how to be relaxed around others, especially when you are around crowds.

Be More Sociable is voiced by Donna Lee. This session is also just over twenty-three minutes with a deeply relaxing hypnotic music in the background. She gently guides you into a relaxed state of mind. Once relaxed, she helps you understand why it is important to interact with you people. The point of the session is to help a person talk to strangers, make new friends, be comfortable around strangers, and interact with others at social events.

I had trouble become relaxed when listening to Barrie St John, though I did enjoy all his suggestions. Donna Lee has a much calmer voice, so calm that I fell asleep at times while listening to the session. I like that both sessions are under twenty-five minutes, which would make it easier for people who have a busy schedule. Do I think these hypnosis sessions worked? Well, I did find myself talking more to strangers (and being polite) when I was shopping, which was a surprise for me because shopping is stressful. My self-esteem has had a slight boost since I have been listening to both tracks daily for the last few weeks. I would give both sessions 4 out 5 as I have seen some results from them. I also recommend these sessions and the other sessions from to everyone.


  1. How interesting! Did you read the book Quiet, by any chance? While I self-identify as shy, I think perhaps I'm not as shy as you are, but that book made me appreciate my reticent nature and I was glad I read it. You might enjoy it, too.

  2. No, I haven't read the book Quiet. It sounds like an interesting read. Who is the author?


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