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Guest Post - Best Ways and Places to Store Your K-Cups

Keurig Cups, or K-Cups, are very popular with coffee lovers. These individual cups allow you to easily brew your own personal cup of coffee, and there are many flavors to choose from. The problem with K-Cups is that they are often difficult to store, and you’ll like have about 20 or more cups scattered around your kitchen if you don't place them somewhere. This article will tell you the best places to store your K-Cups, and the more attractive ways to organize them.

K-Cups are small. You can easily store them anywhere in your kitchen, but there are a few places that are best suited for K-Cup storage. If you prefer convenience or if you want to use an attractive display, then you should store the cups near the coffee maker. You can place the cups to the side of the coffee maker, or you can place them within arm’s length.

If you prefer organization or if you don’t have much available space on your counters, then you should store the K-Cups in a drawer or cabinet. These areas keep them out of sight, but they are still easy to access.

Layered Baskets and Boxes
If you are looking for organization without much flair, then layered baskets and boxes are perfect. There are many boxes and baskets without layers, and this can be useful if you just have one K-Cup flavor. At the same time, layered holders look much more attractive, organized and you can easily store your different K-Cups on different layers. For example, one layer can be for hazelnut while another is for regular coffee.

There are many K-Cup tree storage units. Most of these units spin, but others are stationary. The K-Cup tree allows you to easily organize your K-Cups by placing different flavors on specific sections of the tree, and it makes for a very attractive piece on your counter. If you want to entertain guests, then this is one of the best storage units that you can use.

Carousels are one of the best storage pieces for K-Cups for several reasons. Carousels give you many spaces for your K-Cups. This means that you can store many cups in one place. There are also many different sizes so that you can easily get the perfect carousel for your kitchen.

These pieces are also attractive. They don’t have as much flair as trees, but they are still impressive. Carousels are great for offices because they are convenient, hold many cups and they make it easy for people to find the flavor that they want.

Under the Cabinet
There are a few holders that are made to fit under the cabinet. These are usually sizable racks that can hold about 24 cups at once, and you can easily organize the cups by flavor. You do have to install these holders by yourself, but it just involves using a few screws.

These holders are the best if you don’t want to store the K-Cups on your counter, and they are quite impressive. This makes it easy to store the K-Cups without using the counter, and guests will like the unusual placement.

Smart Drawers
Smart drawers are small drawers that are great for storing K-Cups. The drawer is large enough so that the coffee maker can sit on top, and you can easily access your favorite flavor without having to move around the kitchen.

These drawers are quite convenient, and they don’t use that much room because they sit under the coffee maker. This is perfect if you don’t have much space on your counter, or if you want to move as little as possible when picking your favorite coffee flavor.

K-Cups are great if you love coffee. You can easily get your own cup of coffee without making a whole pot, and there are a lot of flavors to choose from. At the same time, storing these cups can be a pain. Just use one of the holders above, or try utilizing your kitchen space so that you can easily store the holders without sacrificing too much of your counter, drawer or cabinet space.

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