Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Two Lost Souls Find Each Other on Christmas Eve

A Wreath of Snow
By Liz Curtis Higgs
Publisher:WaterBrook Press
Pub. Date: October 2, 2012
ISBN: 978-1400072170
Pages: 215


Several years ago, I read Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs, mainly because it was set in Scotland where my ancestors are from. When I saw A Wreath of Snow was up for review on Blogging for Books from WaterBrook Press, I eagerly signed it to review it in exchange for an honest review. With Christmas approaching, I was definitely in the mood for a good Christmas story.

Set in 1894, twenty-six-year-old Margaret Campbell (or as everyone calls her, Meg) dreaded going back home to Stirling, Scotland to visit her family for the holidays. Nearly twelve years ago, her younger brother, Alan, was injured in a curling accident, crippling him for life. Over the years, her parents waited on him hand and foot, giving him anything he wanted. Alan has grown to be a bitter person with a short temper, one that Meg would like to avoid.

Meg has a good life as a school teacher in Edinburgh and she resides in her late aunt's house, which she inherited. She is more than eager to return to her home on Christmas Eve, but Mother Nature may have other plans for her as the falling snow is delaying her train ride home. Her fate collides with a handsome newspaperman from Glasgow named Gordon Shaw.

With his parents now deceased, Gordon doesn't have anybody to spend Christmas with, but he decided to return to Stirling to apologize for a horrible accident he caused during his childhood. The accident that destroyed Alan Campbell’s life.

As the night unfolds, there is an undenying chemistry between Gordon and Meg. Will they're possible future be in jeopardy because of a past mistake?

A Wreath of Snow is a fast read at just over two-hundred pages, which I read in one sitting while I sipped on a cup of coffee. Many books set during the holidays have the cliché of having perfect characters, whereas in A Wreath of Snow the characters are more believable because they have flaws. They have made mistakes just like everyone else. Yes, it is a coincidence that these two lost souls happen to meet at the same train station, but miracles seem to happen around the holidays. I'm not a big fan of reading books set during the Victorian times, but it didn't bother me one bit because the author did a marvelous job in crafting together a romantic Christmas tale. A Wreath f Snow is a must read!

About the Author:

In her best-selling series of Bad Girls of the Bible books and videos, Liz Curtis Higgs breathes new life into ancient tales about the most infamous--and intriguing--women in scriptural history, from Jezebel to Mary Magdalene. Biblically sound and cutting-edge fresh, these popular titles have helped more than one million women around the world experience God's grace anew. Now, with The Girl's Still Got It, Liz offers a twenty-first century take on the book of Ruth, dishing out meat and milk, substance and style, in a highly readable, always entertaining, and deeply personal journey.

Liz's award-winning historical novels, which transport the stories of Rebekah, Leah, Rachel, Dinah, Ruth, and Naomi to eighteenth-century Scotland, also invite readers to view these familiar biblical characters in a new light. According to Publishers Weekly, "Higgs is a stickler for period authenticity." To that end, Liz has traveled sixteen times to Scotland, the setting for her novels, and has filled her shelves with nearly one thousand resource books about Scottish history and culture.

Also a gifted professional speaker, Liz has presented more than 1,600 inspirational programs for audiences in all fifty United States and fourteen foreign countries. When the National Speakers Association honored her with the Council of Peers Award for Excellence, Liz became one of only 32 women in the world named to their CPAE-Speaker Hall of Fame.

On the personal side, Liz is married to Bill Higgs, Ph.D., who serves as Director of Operations for her speaking and writing office. Liz and Bill enjoy their old Kentucky home, a nineteenth-century farmhouse in Louisville, and are the proud (and relieved) parents of two college grads. Visit Liz's Web site: http://www.LizCurtisHiggs.com

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  1. I also reviewed this book and enjoyed it. Hope you have a great week! :O)


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