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Review - A Merry Little Christmas

A Merry Little Christmas
By Anita Higman
Publisher: Summerside Press
ISBN: 978-1609366889
Pub Date: October 1, 2012
Pages: 256
Buy Link: http://ow.ly/eyLJH
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Franny Martin has been taking care of her family's two-hundred-and-fifty acres Oklahoma farmland ever since her parents died during a thunderstorm fifteen years ago. She is now thirty-three, single, having financial trouble, and facing the fact that she will once again spend the holidays by herself. That is until a handsome stranger, Charlie Landau shows up at her doorstep.

Charlie is from the big city, single and is just looking for something more meaningful in his life, in which he wants to buy Franny's farm even though he knows nothing about farming. He has always been a disappointment to his father and he is hoping that he can be successful at farming so his father can finally be proud of him.

Franny is more than eager to sell the farm as she had put it on the market twelve years ago! Before her parents' untimely deaths, she had dreamed of moving to the big city to follow her passion for music. Now, maybe her dreams can finally come true, but before that can happen, she decides to stay at the farm to help Charlie learn the farm life ways. Despite their different backgrounds and differences, there is a deep connection between the two.

There is nothing like reading a novel set around Christmastime to get you into the holiday spirits. The plot is simple and sweet. It reminds me of the 1947 film The Egg and I, where a city couple buys a farm. In A Merry Little Christmas set in 1961, Charlie is from the city and wants to buy Franny's farm. The author, Anita Higman, does a wonderful job of creating interesting characters, smart dialogue, and a realistic plot. Overall, I enjoyed my visit to the Martin Farm and I recommend other readers to take a visit. 

Note: I received this book free of charge courtesy of Litfuse Publicity Group and Summerside Press.

Author Anita Higman invites readers to kick off the season with a spirited holiday tale. Anita is spreading the Christmas cheer by giving away FIFTEEN COPIES of the book. To enter to win A Merry Little Christmas, just head over to THE CONTEST PAGE at Anita's website and fill out the short form. Be sure to put BLOG CONTEST in the Subject Line. That's it. Winners will be announced on the Litfuse blog (and notified by email) on 11/9.  

About the Author:

 Best-selling and award-winning author, Anita Higman, has over thirty books published (several coauthored) for adults and children. She's been a Barnes & Noble "Author of the Month" for Houston and has a BA degree, combining speech communication, psychology, and art. Anita loves good movies, exotic teas, and brunch with her friends.

Find out more about Anita at http://www.anitahigman.com.

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