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Review - Smitten Image

Smitten Image
By Pam B. Morris
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pub. Date: July23, 2012
Pages: 233
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Set in the year 2039, Lily Barnett is a skillful (but ditzy) painter when she is not searching for her keys or whatever she has misplaced. She fears that she'll never find true love in the great city of New Chicago. Lily desperately wants to find love. She day dreams about the man in her painting jumping off the canvas and sweeping her off her feet.

One day she stumbled into a magic shop looking for something to cure her aching heart. She sets her eyes on a love potion and eagerly guzzles it down without even learning about the side effects.

Lily's neighbor and best-friend, Daniel Harris - who is also the building manager, desperately falls for her quirkiness. He has been in love with her for years, but has never told her because he is hiding a dark magical secret of his own.

While Lily adjusts to her newfound magical powers, she becomes even closer to Daniel, but then she learns that she may not be able to control herself, which could be a danger to Daniel.

By the book cover I would have never has guessed that Smitten Image was set in the near future. Most paranormal books are about vampires or werewolves, so I more than appreciate author Pam B. Morris for creating an original world full of witchcraft. The characters are likable and the dialogue is witty. Overall, I enjoyed reading Smitten Image and I'm looking forward to the author's next book.

Note - I received a free copy of Smitten Image in exchange for an honest review. 

About the Author:

As soon as I could read, I fell in love with books. Born and raised in Montana, I live in the Bitteroot Valley with my husband and near our two grown, intelligent and creative kids. I grew up skiing, fishing, camping, went through 4-H raising and training colts- got bucked off more times than I can count. Pretty much the perfect life... until puberty. Always shy and self-conscious, I lived to escape into stories. And wrote. Always.

I have a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Library Science from Montana State University and became an elementary school librarian in Bigfork, MT where I finally hit my stride.

I'm an artist, love to draw, paint, create funky art out of wire, fabric and cloth; gardening, cross country skiing, mountains, horses and herons. I'm not a traveler, love movies, science fiction, string theory, space opera, fantasy fiction and classical literature. My favorite author aside from Shakespeare is Neil Gaiman. My favorite bands are The Decemberists (they broke up) and The Barenaked Ladies (they sort of broke up too). Absolutely love soundtracks.

I have Meniere's Disease, a degenerative disorder of the inner ear that causes mean vertigo at times. Diet, exercise and medication keeps it mostly under control. Bird watching and building snow sculptures helps. Also sleeping. Love my crazy, vivid dreams.


  1. Thank you for hosting Pam today! You gave us a nice, well-written review too--thanks!

  2. Thank you so much, Billy, for hosting me on your blog. And for the wonderful blog. I'm so glad you liked Smitten Image. That is my measure of success. So am totally gratified today! Thanks again.

  3. I loved SMITTEN IMAGE! One of the most imaginative novels I've ever read. Magical. :)

  4. That was a great review and I enjoyed learning more about you, Pam. With all the things you love to do, it's a wonder you have time to write. It doesn't surprise me that you have other art avenues. The creative spirit crosses over into many mediums. Smitten Image sounds like a great read!

  5. Hi, Pam! My mom has Menier's Disease, too. She finally had a treatment where they pour steroids directly into your ear and hasn't had as many problems since. Your book sounds interesting. So many books, so little time! Oh, well, I'll just have to diligently wade through them all. Good luck with your tour and with "Smitten Image."

  6. I just finished Smitten Image, and will post a review soon because I loved this book! Pam B. Morris has the greatest turns of phrases. I smiled all the way through this wonderfully magical tale!

  7. What a wonderful review! I have had the great pleasure of reading Smitten Image. I too love it!! Pam B. Morris is an amazing author!

  8. Thank you, Billy, for taking the time to post your review on Amazon. Every review helps and I so appreciated your honest and wonderful comments on Smitten Image. Really!

  9. Thanks, Deborah, as always for your unfailing support. You have been behind me every step of my journey and I feel so honored and loved.

  10. Thanks M.J. I'm sorry your mom suffers this disease too. I too, am heading towards treatment, but am trying to topple along as far as possible without it. Medicine has made great strides in treating this frustrating disorder in our lives and I feel lucky. And thank you for stopping by and saying hello. Much appreciated!

  11. Sharon, thanks for coming by. You know I adore you and all you've done for my confidence, you and Deb and Rionna. Someday we will meet and dance and talk writing for days! Maybe at my mom's cabin in the mountains of Montana for a retreat...

  12. Thanks, as always Rionna, for having my back and for always being my backbone!

  13. And thank you, M.K for arranging this amazing stop on my tour. I'm having so much fun. Talking with you yesterday was awesome! And so much fun!!


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