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Review - Touching the Sky

Touching the Sky
By Tracie Peterson
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0764206160
Pub. Date: June 1, 2012
Pages: 336

The second book in The Lone Star series is set after the Civil War ended and after the tragic death of President Lincoln. The main character is Laura Marquardt who runs into the Captain Brandon Reid and his Union troops in an alleyway. She later runs into him again at a party at the her family's house. They begin to actually have an honest conversation and they realize that they have many things in common, like they both believe strongly that former slaves should have an education so they can learn how to read and write.

Laura's sister recently married an ex-Confederate solider, but her brother-in-law is plotting to murder innocent Union soldiers. She is afraid to tell Caption Reid and his men about the murder plot as it may put her sister's life in jeopardy.

I never got a chance to read the first book in the series, but I have read several other books by Tracie Peterson, who is a talented historical fiction writer and her talents are shown again in Touching the Sky. The main character, Laura, is a strong-willed and likeable and so is her beau, Captain Brandon Reid, but he hides a secret of his own that may ruin their relationship. Romance, action, and an intriguing plot is what you'll find in Touching the Sky. Overall, I enjoyed reading the book and I recommend it to others.

Disclaimer: Bethany House kindly sent me a free copy to review.

About the Author:

Tracie Peterson is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than eighty-five novels. Tracie also teaches writing workshops at a variety of conferences on subjects such as inspirational romance and historical research. She and her family live in Montana.

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