Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Review - The Reason

The Reason
Written by: William Sirls
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1401687366
Pub Date: September 4th, 2012
Pages: 416

Late one stormy night, a small Michigan town is shaken to it's core when lighting strikes a church's fifteen foot wooden cross, splintering it in two and the upper section falls to the ground.

The congregation is small, and the blind minister, James Lindy, doesn't know how they are going to afford to repair the cross and keep their faith at the same time.

A young boy, Alex, who attends the church with his mother, Brooke, has been diagnosed with leukemia. A young oncologist, Macey Lewis, wants to help him with modern medicine, while Brooke puts her hope in faith.

Word of the mouth about the cross goes from one person to another, some believers and non-believers offered to donate money. Suddenly (within a few minutes), a man named Kenneth mysteriously (single handily) repaired the cross. How did this happen?

Within the first few pages of The Reason, I was hooked into the story about this small community. The author has created many likeable characters that readers can connect with. Despite being a Christian novel, the characters aren't perfect as they drink, smoke, etc. Overall, I enjoyed reading The Reason as it was different than any other Christian novel I have read. I recommend it to everyone!

*I would like to thank Thomas Nelson for sending me a free copy to review.

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  1. I read and really enjoyed this book as well. I love when stories give you spiritual insights into the very things you’re struggling with. The Reason made me really think about some deep questions—why does God seem to answer some prayers but not others, what is the nature of healing, why do bad things happen to good people? Anyone wrestling with their faith, trying to “only believe,” should read this book.


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