Sunday, September 23, 2012

DVD Review - Super Cyclone

Super Cyclone
Director: Liz Adams
Starring:  Nicholas Turturro, Dylan Vox, Andy Clemence, Ming-Na
Studio: Asylum Home Entertainment
Release Date: September 18, 2012
Running Time: 90 minutes

What happens when you blend in the scripts from Armageddon, 2012, Twister and Volcano? You get the direct-to-DVD Super Cyclone.

I've never cared much for disaster movies, even though it seems like there is a new one on the SyFy Channel every other week. To me they are basically all the same. A natural occurrence happens destroying cities and our government tries to stop it with some unbelievable plan. I have reviewed a few other Asylum titles this year and they kindly sent me a free invite to stream this movie online through Fordela in exchange for an honest review.

Yes, I know that the DVD cover looks like fun, but the movie is a complete mess from start to finish. The plot is simple; a group of oil drillers off the shore of south California accidentally drills to close to the Earth's core causing a volcano eruption. Since the eruption occurred at the bottom of the ocean, it creates one super cyclone that is going to destroy most of California. The only hope is a group of oil drillers (who do absolutely nothing but run around the oil rig), Dr. Jenna Sparks (played by Ming-Na), and Travis Verdon (played by Nicholas Turturro). Of course there is our US Navy, which is horribly portrayed throughout the movie.

One would think if Dr. Jenna Sparks could pilot a helicopter off of an oil rig in hurricane type weather, then the trained Navy pilots would have no trouble saving the men on the oil rigs.

The movie is fast-paced with some of the worst CGI special effects that I have ever seen. The volcano erupting underneath the ocean floor would cause a tsunami before it would a cyclone or hurricane. I tried to ignore the basic plot and just watch the movie for its B-quality. Ming-Na and Nicholas Turturro are the only two decent actors, but they can't help save this disaster of a movie. 


  1. *laughs* Why are these things so often disappointment? Awful movies with awful plots that a 3 year old could do better writing.

    Have you watched Jersey Shore Shark Attack? It's surprisingly hilarious... on purpose. The CGI is still mediocre, but the amusing storyline makes that ok.

  2. I've never seen the Jersey Shore MTV series, nor have I every seen the Jersey Shore Shark Attack. If you have seen one shark movie, then you have seen then all. I've only watched Jaws 1-3.

  3. This is absolutely THE WORST movie I have ever laid eyes on. There is not one single thing you could say good about it. I am demanding my money back from Red box!
    I can't even imagine that anybody would allow this Laural & Hardyfiasco to even see the light of day.
    Who in their right minds would have even invested in this piece of shit.
    My PlayStation has 10 times better special effects than this Turd....and that's being nice. The producers of this travesty should be arrested for fraud.
    I have been scarred for life!!!

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