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Review: The Seduction of Phaeton Black by Jillian Stone

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Shortly after the Jack the Ripper killings came to an abrupt stop, more killings start to occur in the streets of Victorian London, but this time the victims are left with two small puncture marks on their necks. Scotland Yard has no choice but to bring back their best investigator, Special Agent Phaeton Black, who was recently fired.

During his break from Scotland Yard, Phaeton has spent many of days seducing the prostitutes as he lives under a brothel. He eagerly takes on the case, which he believes a vampire is responsible for the killings. While hunting for the night creature, a beautiful woman named Miss America Jones, a half Cajun witch, runs into him as a gang of ruthless pirates, who stole her father’s shipping company, are chasing her. With no other choice, Phaeton helps America escape the pirates.

America is a smart, strong-headed young woman, unlike many of the other women Phaeton has seduced, and she may be just what he needs to catch the killer. He always shuts off his emotions when it comes to women, but there is something about America that sends his heart a racing. Could it be that he has feelings for her? On the other hand, is she just using him for her own gain?

The intriguing cover was the first thing I noticed when I received this book in the mail, courtesy of the Bewitching Book Tours. If you don’t like reading steamy, and sometimes graphic love scenes, then this book probably isn’t for you, as this is basically all you find in the first thirty pages. The main character Phaeton Black has the wit of Sherlock Holmes, the charm of James Bond, and humor of Austin Powers. He lives above of a brothel, in which he is their number one client. The book opens up with him and two prostitutes, in which one poor girl did not want join in, but Phaeton seduces her. I am sure some readers may be turned off by this, but I continued reading, wanting to give the book a chance. Phaeton has no respect for women, and he thinks he’s God’s gift to them. When he first runs into America, she holds a knife to him and tells him to pretend she is a prostitute, so she could escape from the pirates, but Phaeton takes advantage of her.

I can see many female readers giving up on this book with the introduction of Miss America. Let us face the facts; Phaeton Black is a jerk. Sure, he is a great detective, but he uses women for his own personal gain. I am a fan of James Bond (who is also a womanizer) books and movies, so I still gave the book a shot. I will give the author credit from staying away from all of the paranormal clich├ęs and for trying something new. I like the Victorian, sometimes almost steampunk like, atmosphere. The dialogue and descriptions are cleverly written, making me feel like I was actually in 1889 London. The Seduction of Phaeton Black is not for everyone, as it does contain several graphic sex scenes. Overall, I have mixed feelings about the book. I liked the plot, but the characters were dreadful at times. Jillian Stone has created an interesting world here, but I do hope the sequel, The Moonstone and Miss Jones, has more depth and morals to the characters.

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