Monday, 14 May 2012

Review - Roan by Jennifer Blake

BY: Jennifer Blake
PUBLISHED BY: Severn House
ISBN: 978-0-7278-8124-3
RELEASED DATE: 2012 (Original copyright in 2000)
PAGES: 380

 After one of the suspects jumps out of a moving van and rolls down a hill, Sheriff Roan Benedict pulls out his gun and fires, only to realize that he had just shot a woman. He takes her to the hospital with the intention to charge her for robbing a local grocery store. When Tory awakens, she claims that she was a kidnapping victim, but does not know the names of the men that were in the van. Roan does not want to believe her, but he cannot exactly arrest her either.

    Two unknown men try to break into the hospital. Roan knows that Tory is no longer safe there and invites her to stay at his house until she can identify the kidnappers. Of course, Tory is not exactly telling the truth. She is running away from her evil ex-fiancĂ©e and her stepfather, who are both after her inheritance. As a romance blossoms between Roan and Tory, she wonders if she can tell him the truth. However, she may not have a choice as her ex arrives in town for her.

    My mom use to read a lot of Jennifer Blake when I was growing up, so I instantly recognized the author’s name when I glanced at the “new” book section at my local library. I have never read a book by her before, but the jacket sleeve blurb caught my interests. The author does have a niche for the romance genre and her writing walks around the typical romance clichĂ©. Roan is a fast-paced romantic thriller from start to finish. I recommend it to all readers.

About the Author:

Jennifer Blake has written over sixty books, with translations in twenty languages and more than thirty million copies in print worldwide. She resides in a lakeside Caribbean-style retreat in North Louisiana where she spends much of her time encouraging her garden to bloom with her favorite daylilies and antique roses.

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