Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Review - How to Apologize to Your Woman

How To Apologize To Your Woman
AUTHOR: Karen Field Bolek
PUBLISHED BY: Bolekian Perspective Publishing
ISBN: 9780983364603
PAGES: 219

There is not one man in the world that understands what a woman is thinking, let alone how to apologize to her when you have done something wrong. Author Karen Field Bolek has written an interesting book titled How to Apologize to Your Woman . . . So that she won’t use it against you in the future to help us men to apologize. She shows the reader how to use simple step-by-step methods for delivering a thoughtful apology, so no more lying, just be honest. To give a meaningful apology you have to really mean and feel what you are saying. You must also understand what you are apologizing for. Also taking in consideration your wife’s/girlfriend are feeling about what you said or done to cause the difficult situation in the first place.

    The book is much more than just learning how to apologize correctly, as you’ll learn that honesty and communication can improve your relationship. Men shouldn’t be afraid of apologizing as it will make your relationship stronger.

    When I read the title How to Apologize to Your Woman, I instantly signed up to review it. The author has gone to an incredible amount of research to create this thought provoking self-help book that all men can benefit from. Actually, I think that pastors, marriage councilors, and psychiatrists would enjoy reading about the relationship tools that the book provides and may even use them in their sessions. Overall, a great read.

*I would like thank the author for sending me a copy to review.

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