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Guest Post & Giveaway with author Kristine Cayne

Hello Everyone! I’m excited to be here today at the Coffee Addicted Writer’s blog. I have the pleasure of sharing with you and interview I did with Rémi Whitedeer and Alyssa Morgan, the hero and heroine of Deadly Addiction, the latest book in my Deadly Vices romantic suspense series. Rémi and Alyssa were unusually candid in responding to my questions, and I think you will enjoy this unique view into their world. 
KC: What is your guilty pleasure?

Rémi: Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” – “Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans” – I can’t stop singing it!

Alyssa: [laughs] I love the Sang-Froid sloches from the dépanneur. 
Rémi: That’s cause you’re ice-cold, baby.

Alyssa: Stop! Now I’m thinking about Vanilla Ice.

Rémi: [singing] Ice, ice baby. All right stop, collaborate and listen!

Alyssa: [covers ears] Please, I beg you.

KC: If this book was made into a movie, who would play you?

Rémi: I don’t know who’d play me, but Katherine Heigl could play Alyssa.

Alyssa: You really think so? I’m flattered. As for you, Adam Beach, back when he was in Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale
KC: What movie title best describes your sex life?

Rémi: Goin’ South [winks]

Alyssa: Goldfinger [laughs]

KC: What’s your motto?

Rémi: All for one, one for all.

Alyssa: It’s my way or the highway.

Rémi: [shakes head] It always is, sweetheart. It always is. [turns to interviewer, winks and whispers]: I just let her *think* that. 
KC: What drew you to your partner?

Rémi: [turns to Alyssa] I know you want me to say it was the intelligence shining in your eyes, sweetheart, but I gotta be honest here. You were all bent over, clutching that box, and I had a clear view of your… um… beauteous bounty. And then when you turned around, I saw your ah… other assets. All I could think was “I want to do her. Now.”

Alyssa: [smiles innocently] 
Rémi: What?

Alyssa: Did you think I was waxing poetic about your IQ? I was just trying not to drool!

KC: What’s your favorite food?

Rémi: Iroquois corn soup

Alyssa: Strawberry drink

KC: What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Rémi: [turns to Alyssa and smiles] I bet yours is sangria.

Alyssa: [turns green] After Nic and Lauren’s party, never again!

KC: Tell me one thing about you that your friends don’t know.

Rémi: My male friends don’t know about a certain “technique” the ladies have named after me.

Alyssa: [fans herself] And they’d better never find out! As for me, there’s nothing my friends don’t know about me. 
Rémi: Oh yeah? Do your friends know about that sexy lingerie you wear under your uniform?

Alyssa: [blushes] Well, now they do!

KC: What’s your favorite movie?

Rémi: Die Hard [big grin]

Alyssa: Anything Star Wars.

Rémi: Model yourself after Han Solo, do you? A bit of a rogue, not too good with the rules…

Alyssa: [raises eyebrow] That’s why you’re here, Yoda. 

KC: What’s your favorite band?

Rémi: Jasper

Alyssa: What, not Wham!?

Rémi: [singing] Wake me up before you go go, don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo…

Alyssa: [slaps hands over her ears] Please God, make it stop!

KC: What’s your partner’s best quality?

Rémi: She’s willing to make tough decisions and judgment calls that would have me in knots.

Alyssa: Come on, Rémi, you do that too. The difference is that you look before you leap, which isn’t a bad thing. We balance each other out. 
KC: What’s your partner’s worst quality?

Rémi: She always wants to play “cops and robbers”… and she *always* has to be the cop!!! Like I told her, *I’m* the one with the big gun!

Alyssa: [laughs] Yeah. But I look better in uniform.

Rémi: I concede. You do. 
Alyssa: As for his worst quality, I’ll have to go with his exuberant and exhaustive love of the 80’s.

Rémi: [starts singing a medley of Vanilla Ice and Wham! songs]

KC: What do you like most about me, as the author?

Rémi: I’ll be eternally grateful for the scene by the river. [grins]

Alyssa: And I’m grateful for the one in the bathtub! 
KC: Alyssa, did you ever buy that shower massage?

Alyssa: I moved in with him to get it! [laughs]

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About the Author:

Kristine Cayne is fascinated by the mysteries of human psychology—twisted secrets, deep-seated beliefs, out-of-control desires. Add in high-stakes scenarios and real-world villains, and you have a story worth writing, and reading.

The heroes and heroines of her Deadly Vices series, beginning with Deadly Obsession, are pitted against each other by their radically opposing life experiences. By overcoming their differences and finding common ground, they triumph over their enemies and find true happiness in each other’s arms.

Today she lives in the Pacific Northwest, thriving on the mix of cultures, languages, religions and ideologies. When she’s not writing, she’s people-watching, imagining entire life stories, and inventing all sorts of danger for the unsuspecting heroes and heroines who cross her path.


  1. Coffee Addicted Writer - Remi, Alyssa, and I thank you for the opportunity to meet with your readers! We also want to let you all know that Deadly Obsession, the first book in the Deadly Vices series, is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon!

  2. Thank you, Midu! It was a lot of fun :)


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