Tuesday, 15 May 2012

DVD Review - Gadget Boy's Adventure in History: Stopping Evil Across Time

Gadget Boy's Adventure in History came in a DVD giveaway package I won a few months ago. I remember watching the original Inspector Gadget back in the 80s and I loved the silly concept. In this spinoff that aired for two seasons from 1995-1998, Gadget Boy is a child with the personality like Inspector Gadget, and also has many gadgets and an extendable arms and legs. Gadget Boy is aided by Agent Heather, similar to Penny on the original series. There is no Brain here, but instead there is robotic dog named G-9. And there is no Dr. Claw, but instead the villain is Spydra, who wears a pink mask and has six arms. Along with Spydra are her minion twin brothers Mulch and Hummus, and her pet vulture Boris.

After the first season ended in March 1996, there were a few changes made and the series was brought back for a second and final season. The main changes were that Gadget Boy and Heather would travel through time to stop Spydra from changing history.

The episodes on the Stopping Evil Across Time DVD release are:

  1. The Vulture Has Landed
  2. The Long and Winding Wall
  3. For Whom the Torch Rolls
  4. These Are a Few of My Favorite Flying Things
  5. An Ice Age Runs Through It
  6. Valley of the Vulture
  7. The Time Land Forgot
  8. Ice Station Vulture
  9. Three  Brainiacs in a Fountain
  10. Coming in on a Web and a Prayer
There is also a bonus episode from Johnny Test.

I was unaware that the Gadget Boy series ever aired. Oddly the series ended a year before the Inspector Gadget live movie was released to theaters, which one would think the series would tie-in with the movie. Gadget Boy uses a very similar style of adventure and comedy that was used in the original. The villain Spydra is a little creepy with her six arms. Heather can be a slight annoying at times, but she is there to help get Gadget Boy out of a jam. G-9 is just a new version of Brain and adds a unique style to the series. This ten episodes release has a history theme that can be used in elementary schools, or watched at home. There's nothing better than watching a good cartoon and learning a bit of history at the same time.

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