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DVD Review - Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Volume 1

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Volume 1 is another DVD that I won in a recent giveaway. I didn't recognize the name or the cover art. It wasn't until I played the first episode that I finally, more like vaguely, remembered the show, as I was a four-year-old when it aired on television. Actually, I don't recall much about the show, but I do the toys, which were released by Mattel before the show was created. Mattel needed a way to explain the strange looking silver vehicles and the even stranger looking organic/machine vehicles, thus Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors was created. Talented writes such as Larry DiTillio, Barbara Hambly and J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5, wrote most the episodes.

Here is the series main plot: Audric, a botanist, was experimenting with biotechnology, and developed a crop that could grow in any environment.  A burst of radiation from a solar flare mutated one of his crops, transforming it an evil creature called Saw Boss. The other plants transformed as well and were called the Monster Minds. Audric created a magic root to destroy Saw Boss, but time was not on his side as his laboratory is being attacked. He splits the magical root in half and gives the other half of it to his faithful servant, Oon. He commands Oon to take the root to his son, Jayce, and serve under his command.

Oon (a magically animated suit of armor servant) finds Jacye along with Gillian (a wizard/scientist), and Flora, who was created from a flower by Audric. With the help of a Han Solo ripoff character, Herc Stormsailor - a pilot and  mercenary, they become known as the Lightning League. They use their ground vehicles to battle the Monster Minds vehicles, that are grown from vines. The Lightning League travels to planet to planet by the Pride of the Skies II, Herc's space barge, as Jayce searches for his missing father.

Volume One contains the following 32 episodes on 3 DVDs.

Disc 1
  1. Escape from the Garden
  2. The Vase of Xiang
  3. Steel Against Shadow
  4. Silver Crusaders
  5. Ghostship
  6. Flora, Flora and the Monster Minds
  7. Fire and Ice
  8. Space Outlaws
  9. Future of the Future
  10. Underwater
Disc 2
  1.  Frostworld
  2. Critical Mass
  3. The Purple Tome
  4. Hook, Line, and Sinker
  5. Bloodstone
  6. The Slaves of Adelbaren
  7. The Hunt
  8. Blockade Runners
  9. The Sleeping Princess
  10. Deadly Reunion
  11. Sky Kingdom
Disc 3
  1. Quest into Shadow
  2. Unexpected Trouble
  3. Bounty Hunters
  4. Double Deception
  5. Gate World
  6. Space Thief
  7. Moon Magic
  8. Affair of Honor
  9. Doom Flower
  10. The Stallions of Sandeen
  11. Brain Trust 
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors definitely has that 80s feel to it, along with the catchy pop rock theme song. Obviously, the show had one purpose - sell the toy line. The talented writers took a silly premise and did what they could with it, giving us an original science fiction cartoon. Now thanks to Cookie Jar, a division of Mill Creek Entertainment, old fans can watch the series again and introduce the Lightning League to a new generation. Despite each episode being similar (searching for Jayce's father on a new planet, Saw Boss and his minions show up, and they battle it out with their vehicles. Sadly, the series never got a conclusion as it was cancelled before a movie could go into production. I enjoyed revisiting Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, and I can't wait for Volume 2 to be released.

*There is a Bonus Episode from C.O.P.S. on Disc 1.

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  1. Hey, that's a nice article on Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors. Very good.

    I notice that info about the episodes original broadcast on pretty much every website is wrong. The order listed on those sites is actually the PRODUCTION order. This site below,

    has the correct broadcast order. It's a very reliable source and the person who runs that site is very trustworthy.

    Here is the Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors original broadcast episode guide with the production number in parenthesis next to the broadcast number.

    01 (01). Escape From The Garden
    02 (05). Ghostship
    03 (06). Flora, Fauna, and The Monster Minds
    04 (04). The Silver Crusaders
    05 (12). Critical Mass
    06 (07). Fire and Ice
    07 (19). The Sleeping Princess
    08 (09). The Future Of The Future
    09 (18). Blockade Runners
    10 (15). Bloodstone
    11 (20). Deadly Reunion
    12 (33). Lightning Strikes Twice
    13 (41). Swampwitch
    14 (32). Brain Trust
    15 (08). Space Outlaws
    16 (29). An Affair Of Honor
    17 (25). Double Deception
    18 (40). Darksinger
    19 (47). Do Not Disturb
    20 (44). A Question Of Conscience
    21 (11). Frostworld
    22 (14). Hook, Line, and Sinker
    23 (43). Early Warning
    24 (24). Bounty Hunters
    25 (49). The Children Of Solaris II
    26 (46). The Mirage Makers
    27 (60). Short Circuit, Long Wait
    28 (10). Underwater, Underpaid
    29 (30). Doomflower
    30 (56). Mistress Of Soul Tree
    31 (45). Lifeship
    32 (64). The Squire Smith
    33 (48). Dreamworld
    34 (57). The Life Eater
    35 (58). Wasteland
    36 (34). The Liberty Stone Part 1
    37 (35). The Liberty Stone Part 2: The Vines
    38 (36). The Liberty Stone Part 3: The Space Fighter
    39 (37). The Liberty Stone Part 4: Heart Of Paxtar
    40 (38). The Liberty Stone Part 5: Appointment At Forever
    41 (03). Steel Against Shadow
    42 (62). The Source
    43 (63). The Raid
    44 (39). What's Going On?
    45 (65). Final Ride At Journey's End
    46 (52). The Chimes Of Sharpis
    47 (51). Armada
    48 (50). The Gardener
    49 (13). The Purple Tome
    50 (22). Quest Into Shadow
    51 (55). Common Bond
    52 (42). Deadly Reflections
    53 (28). Moon Magic
    54 (59). The Oracle
    55 (27). Space Thief
    56 (17). The Hunt
    57 (31). The Stallions Of Sandeen
    58 (02). Vase Of Xiang
    59 (26). Gateworld
    60 (61). Time and Time Again
    61 (23). Unexpected Troubles
    62 (16). The Slaves Of Adelbarren
    63 (53). Galaxy Gamester
    64 (54). Circus Planet
    65 (21). Sky Kingdom

    Makes a lot more sense than the production order (it usually is with most TV shows). Of course, even the broadcast order isn't going to be in chronological order either (Steel Against Shadow is AFTER The Gardener and The Stallions Of Sandeen for example), but is 99% of the time better than the production order.

    Thought I'd just pass this along. Thanks. And keep up the good work.


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