Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review - The Mirror of N'DE and Giveaway!

The Mirror of N’DE
BY: L.K. Malone
PUBLISHED BY: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 978-0-8524-2667-4
Pages: 328

The Mirror of N’de is a fantasy of adventure about a young girl named Hadlay Mivana who is from the poor Ramash people whom are servants to the high class Oresed overlords. Hadlay’s life is changed when she along with a few friends are chosen to work in the Tower of the Emperor. After a few twists and turns, she befriends the Emperor’s son. Just like every other Ramash child, Hadlay has heard the great tale about the trickster Lelyeh and the Mystical mirror which caused the Ramash ancestors removal from the city of N’de. Hadlay always believed that this tale was just a simple bedtime story for kids, but then she begins to have strange dreams about an unknown Being.

While reading this novel I kept thinking about the Chronicles of Narnia and the Harry Potter books. The Mirror N’De is a new intriguing novel in the fantasy world that both children and adults will enjoy reading. The main character, Hadlay, can be a bit whiny at times, but overall she is an enjoyable character. She is a good role model for younger readers as she is only thirteen years old and takes on many challenges throughout the book by herself. The author did a wonderful job by creating a new mysterious world, but there were a few moments towards the end that I thought was a little too preachy. Despite this, I loved reading the book and I look forward to future works by L.K. Malone.

About the Author: 

L. K. Malone is an insatiable reader who devours nearly a book a day when she isn’t writing. Favorite genres include political thrillers, historical fiction, romance, and fantasy. Some of her favorite reads include the Hunger Games series and the Harry Potter books, which inspired her to try her hand at fantasy with a Judeo-Christian twist. Malone is a Colorado native with a large extended family, which includes two lovely young women who graciously let her mentor them through the Denver Kids program, and a handsome menagerie of pets. 


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  4. Looks like an excellent fantasy book. I'll definitely give it a read. Thanks for the review.

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