Saturday, 14 May 2011

Review - Amy Plays the Violin

Amy Plays the Violin
BY: Julie Labossiere
ISBN: 978-1-453-79995-6
Pages: 22
Reviewed by Billy Burgess
Amy is nervous about her upcoming recital, where she will play her new instrument - the violin. She tries not to worry about it by watching TV, but she just can’t. She thinks that she isn’t good enough to play the violin. Amy talks to her brother, Aaron, who plays the drums. She tries the drums out, but they are too loud for her tastes. Then, she hops over to her sister’s, Amy, room, who is playing on her keyboard. She tries out the keyboard, and realizes that she can play music better on the violin. She returns to her own room, where she practices her violin. Will she be ready for her recital in one week?

Amy Plays the Violin is a charming tale of a young girl who doubts her talent of playing the violin. I played the snare drum when I was in middle school and I recall being really nervous with ‘butterflies in my stomach’ right before a school concert, so I know exactly how Amy feels. I like that the brother and sister are good remodels and give great advice to Amy. The artwork is superb and flows well with the story. Young readers will easily connect with Amy. It is a great read for all ages.

*I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy to review

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