Saturday, 25 December 2010

Review - Fear Street Super Chillers: Silent Night 2

Silent Night 2  takes place a year later after the events of the first novel, and Reva Dalby has not changed a bit. She is once again working at her father’s department store, and once again being rude the customers.

Late one night, Mr. Dalby receives a phone call that his daughter has been kidnapped, but there is one little problem for the kidnappers - Reva was at home. The kidnappers had kidnapped her cousin, Pam. The kidnappers let Pam go.

Reva’s life is back to normal, except that the kidnappers are planning on snatching Reva and her cousin, Pam, for ransom.

Silent Night 2 is not as good as the first, but it is still worth reading. I was glad that R.L. Stine did not copy the plot from the first novel. The kidnapping plot made the story interesting. Reva is a great character. No matter what happens in her life, she never changes. If you liked the first novel, then you’ll like the sequel.

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