Thursday, 26 August 2010

Review - Universal Monsters #3 Anatomy of Terror: Frankenstein

I stumbled upon this book at a thrift shop. I didn’t even know that there was a book series out about the Universal Monsters that I grew up watching. Even though this is the third book, you can easily catch up as the characters Nina, Joe and Bob explain what happen in the previous installment.

While visiting Universal Studios Theme park, Nina, Joe and Bob accidentally release the monsters from the remastered Universal film when lighting struck. The monsters don’t take the bodies form the movies, they take new ones. In book one, they battled Dracula and in book two the battled the Wolf Man.

Dead bodies are going missing, and that can mean only one thing. Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant, Fritz, are up to their old tricks. They are going to build another monster. Just like in the movie, Fritz grabs the wrong brain, and the monster is once again - brain-dead.

Dr. Frankenstein needs a new brain for his creation, and has eyes on the new student at Nina, Joes and Bob’s school. Can the kids stop the mad scientist in time?

I quickly read through this book. It was a fun read. I hope I can find the other books in the series. The author and Universal Studios came up with a great idea to bring in a new generation of monster fans. If you are a fan of the old monster movies, then, you’ll love “Anatomy of Terror.”

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