Friday, 4 June 2010

Review - Somewhere to Belong

Somewhere to Belong (Daughters of Amana)Somewhere to Belong
BY: Judith Miller
PUBLISHED BY: Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0642-9
Pages: 364
Reviewed by Billy Burgess

Book one in the “Daughters of Amana” series is set in Main Amana, one of the seven villages settled by devoted Christians who believe in living a simple life. Johann Ilg has lived her entire live there and is devoted to God. A part of her has longed to see the outside world, but stays loyal to her community.

The Schumacher family leaves the big city life and moves to the Amana community. Their daughter, Berta, doesn’t care for the change, and she wants to rebel.

Meanwhile, Johanna stumbles upon a dark secret.

There have been dozens of books released in the last few years about the Amish/simple life communities. “Somewhere to Belong,” stands out from some of the others by using great descriptions of what life would have been liked in the late 1800s. I liked that the author threw in a bit of mystery. It’s a great read.

I would like to thank Bethany House for sending me this copy to review.

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