Monday, 3 May 2010

Review - Plan B

Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn't Show Up the Way You Thought He Would?Plan B
BY: Pete Wilson
PUBLISHED BY: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-0-8499-4650-9
Pages: 243
Reviewed by Billy Burgess

“Plan B” is written by Pete Wilson, a pastor of the Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee. This is an inspirational book for anyone who has had some kind of disappointment in their life.

Everyone has plans/goals for their life, but do they come true for you? Whether it’s a career, marriage, or starting a family, all of us have Plan A. What happens when your Plan A is failure. God is testing you with these catastrophes. This is where the “Plan B” comes into your life. Learn how to move past your feelings of being letdown, and learn how to control your fear. Picture God in your circumstances, and learn to start over again.

I don’t read very many books in this category, but I found myself being connected to this book. I’ve had many disappointments in my life, and had to make a “Plan B.” This book is inspirational, and I recommend it to everyone.

Note: I would like to thank Thomas Nelson for sending me this complimentary copy to review.

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  1. Cool review. I like how you said "God is testing you with these catastrophes." I've come to see how God doesn't necessarily allow "Plan B" moments in our lives to test us for His sake, but more often for the sake of our own heart. He loves us so much that He wants desperately for us to see the condition of our own heart and our deep need for Him. And thus, "Plan B." :)


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