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Sunday, April 18

Kid Konnection - Disney Fairies #1 Prilla's Talent

Kid Konnection is a weekly meme host at bookingmama.

First came the successful DVDs, and now the “Disney Fairies” have their very own graphic novel. The first issue has four stories in it. In “Prilla’s Talent,” Prilla is sad that she is the only fairy without a talent. The story goes on to explain each of the fairies’ gifts. In the end, Prilla discovers that she has always had a very special talent of her very own.

In the second story “Like the Wind,” the reader is introduced to fastest fairy of them all - Vidia, the fairy that can never be trusted when you really needed. She is irresponsible. When one of her own gets in trouble, Vidia must change her ways and rescue her friend.

The third story “The Sound of Friendship,” revolves around Tinker Bell. The Bluebell Festival is approaching and everyone is getting ready. Terrance, the male fairy, is having a hard time trying to ask Tinker to the Festival. The Festival bell is broken, and Tinker and Terrance rush to fix it before the festival is a disaster.

In the last story “Best of Friends,” Tinker and Rani are the best friends, until Rani starts avoiding her. Tinker and Prilla spend the rest of the story trying to find out why.

I haven’t read a graphic novel since I was a kid. “Prilla’s Talent” is aimed for female readers, but boys might like the character Terrance. The illustrations are colorful and well drawn. The plots in each of the stories are simple, but fun to read. There is a great message of friendship in every story. I recommend this book to anyone who likes “Peter Pan” or the “Disney Fairies.”

Note: I would like to thank the Author Marketing Experts for sending me this complimentary copy to review.

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  1. A few years ago, my daughter would have been all over these books. It's kind of sad that she's past all of the Disney girly girl stuff!


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