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Thursday, April 22

Blog Tour - Firefly Rain by Richard Dansky

“Firefly Rain” tells the tale of Jacob Logan, a failed businessman. After going away to college, he never returned to home to visit his parents. His parents are now deceased. With his life plans up in the air, he returns to his hometown in Mayfield, North Carolina. The town has barely grown since the last time he saw it. The old family house is still there.

Since his parents death, the caretaker Carl has been taking care of the family property. Weird things start to occur. His car is stolen from the driveway, and all of his belongings are destroyed in a highway accident.

Jacob starts remembering about his childhood, and starts learning about the strange myths of the town.

The beginning of “Firefly Rain” opens as good as any great horror film. The creepy setting and eerie descriptions of the house make this tale a great read late at night. Jacob Logan is your typical horror novel character. He’s going back to the home that he didn’t really want. Towards the middle of the book, the plot starts to go downhill fast, leading to a disappointing ending. Despite this, I still enjoyed reading the book. If you like haunted house tales or if just want to read a spine-chilling story, check this book out.

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