February 9, 2015

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee Review

It's no secret to my blog readers that I'm sort of a coffee nut. I can't function properly without at least two cups of coffee every morning. That being said, I'm always up for trying a new coffee brand.

I received a 2 lb bag of Subtle Earth Organic Coffee Medium-Dark Roast Whole Beans a few of days ago. This is the biggest bag of coffee beans that I have ever seen.

The Subtle Earth Organic Coffee is part of the Burke Brands LLC, which was founded by Darron J. Burke. The company grows, picks and process their coffee beans in Columbia. Through the Sharing Certified Program, they also have over 1,000,000 coffee trees in South America. They never use Robusta, past crop, or defective beans, but instead they use organic coffee beans. The company is also has been AIB Food Safety Certified and Certified by CCOF for Organic Production.

The Subtle Earth Organic Coffee is an Honduran coffee from the Marcala region. Cherries are composted and used as fertilizer. No harmful chemicals or insecticides are ever used. If there is a bug problem, the farmers will plant peppers as a repellent. All the coffee beans are roasted at the company's Miami facility.

The coffee arrived in a box and before I even opened it up, I could already smell the sweet aroma of fresh coffee beans. The aroma got even stronger as I opened the box and removed the 2 lb bag of coffee beans. I cut off the tip top of the bag and took in the full aroma of the coffee beans. It was heavenly. Of course, I wasted no time grinding a small batch of the beans and brewed a fresh pot of coffee. To me, the coffee has a chocolatey taste with a hint honey and I absolutely love it!

The coffee can be purchased at: www.cafedonpablo.com/cafe-don-pablo-subtle-earth-organic/

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary sample in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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