December 12, 2013

The Perfect Music Album Gift

There is less than two weeks to Christmas, meaning if you don't have your gift shopping finished, you should probably kick yourself into high gear. It’s not easy searching for the perfect gift for a family member or friend, resulting in many people buying an impersonal gift card.

Almost everyone has a CD player in their vehicle or owns some kind of CD player in their home. Giving a music CD can be the perfect gift, but it’s also difficult to buy an album that your family or friends don't already own.

I recommend the New Arrivals Vol. 5: Artists For Hurricane Sandy Relief CD from MPRESS Records, featuring twenty songs by twenty different artists, which 100% of their profits are going to charity.

The artists and songs featured on the CD are:
  1. Ari Hest: The Winter Of Yes 
  2. Lucius: Turn It Around
  3. Lucy Wainwright Roche: Seek & Hide (featuring Colin Meloy)
  4. Phox: Slow Motion
  5. Stephen Langstaff: Smile
  6. Namoli Brennet: Iowa 
  7. A Fragile Tomorrow: A Long Time To Be Happy
  8. Alex Wong: Are You Listening
  9. Chad Elliott: Same Old Way
  10. Rebecca Pronsky: Rise Up
  11. Karima Francis: The Remedy
  12. Polly Paulusma: Last Week
  13. The Goods: So Far So Good
  14. Eric Hunker: All These Little Loves
  15. Alexis Babini: Good For A Bad Guy
  16. Antigone Rising: That Was The Whisky
  17. Parkington Sisters: September
  18. Emma Dean: Phoebe (With Her Whole Heart) 
  19. Rachael Sage: Everything 
  20. BONUS TRACK: Paula Cole: Life Goes On
Everybody has different tastes in music, so giving a family member or friend a music CD by a variety of different artists can make a perfect Christmas present. Plus, the proceeds of the album are going to three NYC-based charities - The Red Hook Initiative (Brooklyn), Project Hospitality Staten Island Hurricane Relief Fund (Staten Island), and Graybeards (The Rockaways).

Visit to purchase this marvelous CD.


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