January 31, 2013

Review - Internet Dating 101

Internet Dating 101: It's Complicated... But It Doesn't Have To Be!
By Laura Schreffler
Publisher: New Chapter Press
Pub. Date: December 1, 2012
ISBN: 978-1937559007
Pages: 376
Buy Link: Amazon.com


If you are single, then (whether you want to admit it or not) you've probably have looked into online dating. Being single myself, I have read a few online relationship books and I've found myself browsing through a few dating sites. New Chapter Press has recently released a new guide book for those lonely hearts that have tired or have thought about online dating. The book is titled Internet Dating 101 and is written by Laura Schreffler, the creator of LoveTrekker.com.

Like similar books on online dating, the author lists the best to the worst dating sites, some are free and others have monthly fees. What I like about this book is that there are real stories from men and women who have tried these sites. Some are comical, a few are sweet, and others are a little creepy. There is a full section on Facebook, which is the first I have seen in an online dating book, about the dos and don'ts of what to post on your page, and how to successfully meet your soul mate. There is also a section that covers Twitter, Foursquare, Myspace, and CupidRadar. Of course a person is not going to always meet nice people on social networks and dating sites as there are people that will want to use you. The author gives great advice, or more like warnings, about how to spot a player, cheater, criminal, etc.

I thought that if I have read one relationship book, then I have read them all, but Laura Schreffler uses a bit of humor and common sense that gives Internet Dating 101 a fresh take on online dating. The personal stories of real men and women can give a reader an idea of what to expect when using a certain dating site, but it does vary from person to person. I enjoyed reading Internet Dating 101 and I advise others to give it a read before you think about creating a profile on a dating site.

Disclaimer -I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review.

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