June 24, 2012

The Autobiography of Alexis Carver & Giveaway

I guess I should just start by introducing myself. My name is Alexis Carver,  I am a 17 year-old girl and currently go to ‘Molerie High’ with my best friend Edmund, there I met a great group of people who are now my closest friends. 

I grew up having parents who loved each other more than anything and such love was so inspiring that I decided to make a list of what my perfect guy would be like, my friend Cameron even joined in. The problem though, with parents who love each other that much, is that they no longer have room to love someone else. Namely, me. They were born travelers and having to settle down when I was born had put a cramp on their style. Once they realized they could leave me behind at the age of nine for just one trip, they took the opportunity. I’d stay at Cameron’s place until they came back. However, there was always another trip, and once they realized they could work as freelance journalists their trips kept increasing to the extent that I rarely got to see them, once or twice a year if I was lucky. Of course all my birthdays were forgotten though I did get the occasional postcard and phone call. Though at some point they decided to settle down again, just not in the same country – or even continent – they found an ‘amazing’ house in Tuscany and decided to live there, never even bothering to invite me for a holiday.

There were many drawbacks to their decision obviously. The first, having to live with Cameron and her parents – not that I hated them, my God her family is amazing, but I always felt like a guest and never like an actual resident. Her family is quite close, with loads of uncles, aunts and cousins, it was always awkward going around there, though eventually I was considered family too, just not enough to be forced to do chores or be grounded. The second drawback, I obviously felt unsettled, unwanted, since my own parents wouldn’t bother with me, and I couldn’t claim their house as my home. Third one, I had to depend on myself more, work harder than ever, and find a way to let out all my pent up frustration, that’s when I found art and volleyball. The last one being, I was so insecure that I never actually gave any guy the opportunity to get through all of the items of my list.

When I started eighth grade, my parents had met an amazing family in Italy, the Stevens’, and offered to show them around our town. I am not sure if they thought this would compensate for them not being around by finding me a new friend ,Edmund. Honestly, it kind of did. The first time I saw him I had a huge crush. Which was an absolute rarity for me, but you wouldn’t understand until you’ve seen him. The guy was completely stunning that every girl in town was lurking around our neighborhood for a glimpse. The crush lasted until he opened his mouth and spoke. I wasn’t in the mood for drama, I had my own. But as his parents began apologizing for him, and explaining that he’s been like that ever since his brother died, I decided maybe I could help. We could find a way to hang out without either of us talking about our separate problems , mine with my parents, and his with his brother’s death.

We attempted to shoot hoops for a while, then actually researched the rules to playing basketball, and once I explained that he doesn’t have to perfect the game, we were just playing it for fun, not every ball had to get into the hoop, he relaxed immensely. It was like I was the first one to tell him that his life didn’t depend on being good at that sport, and now he loves basketball more than ever. However, even though we had a deal to not talk about one another’s ‘drama’ he was the one to first give in and ask about my parents. We were shooting hoops at the time, I didn’t want to talk, but he promised he’d talk too, so I did. I think that’s the point where my life made sense, and I felt like I fit in. It was the day he told his parents he finally wanted to stay here. The day he convinced his parents to let me move in with them instead of with Cameron. And finally, the day I started feeling like I had an older brother, and an actual family. 

Of course, I didn’t get to cherish that for long before my world was turned inside out the day I met Damien. 

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