Thursday, 19 May 2016

Review: Knight Rider: Season 1 & Season 2

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Not Rated; 1070 minutes; $14.98; Mill Creek Ent.; Amazon

Television in the 1980s was full of action-adventures, and one of the most popular series was the Knight Rider. Created by Glen A. Larson, the series debuted on NBC in 1982 and aired for four seasons. It started David Hasselhoff as Michael Long , a cop who was injured in an undercover operation. He was saved by Wilton Knight, the founder of the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG), who gives Michael a new face and identity - Michael Knight.

After Wilton died, Michael is recruited to be the field officer of FLAG, where he would team up with Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), an armored Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with an artificial intelligence computer that happens to talk (voiced by William Daniels). Michael and KITT travels around the country helping those in need, as well as going on missions assigned by FLAG's leader, Devon Miles (played by Edward Mulhare). 

Universal Studios Home Entertainment released all fours seasons on DVD several years, and now this month Mill Creek Entertainment is releasing with the first two seasons on DVD with new cover jackets. There are no special features or extras on either season sets.

Knight Rider: Season 1 contains all 22-episodes, including the 97-minute pilot, Knight of the Phoenix. The episodes are spread across 4 discs. This season also contains the fan-favorite episode, Trust Doesn't Rust, which introduced the evil prototype KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot) (Voiced by Peter Cullen).

Knight Rider: Season 2 contains 24 episodes, including the 2-part season premiere Goliath, which had David Hasselhoff playing dual roles. Patricia McPherson, who played Bonnie Barstow, left the series and was replaced by Rebecca Holden as April Curtis. KITT gets a few modifications, including a new center console and laser weapons.

Not Rated; 1164 minutes; $14.98; Mill Creek Ent.; Amazon

Final Thoughts: I was only one-years-old when Knight Rider debuted in 1983, so there's no way that I can remember it's original run. However, I do remember watching the reruns during the late 1980s during the afternoons. I might have been young at the time, but I was big of KITT fan. I recall wrapping a toy calculator with black construction paper and putting three vertical lines of red construction paper in the middle, so it would like KITT's console. 

I haven't watched a single episodes of the series since my childhood, so I guess you can say I had a bit of nostalgic feeling when I received the two DVD sets to review last week. I haven't had time to watch all the episodes, but I have had time to watch the pilot, "Goliath," and a handful of episodes from both seasons. The picture quality on all episodes are pretty good; of course the episodes are in 1:33:1 ratio. Similar to other Mill Creek Entertainment titles, the DVDs are stacked.

Overall, I have enjoyed watching both Knight Rider: Season 1 & Knight Rider: Season 2. The sets are retailed at $14.98 each, which is pretty cheap for a full season.

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