Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Character Interview with Lilian Gale

We had the incredible honor to sit down with Lillian Gale, the colorful and strange frontwoman of cult hit band Juicy Bed. On her mind was magic, oddities and the art world’s boy prince (her former lover!), Leonidas Bondi. Listen in as we talk with her… 

How did you first meet Leonidas Bondi? 
A: Oh, it’s all hazy sometimes. I think it was at a show or something. I remember he was wearing a ring with a black stone on it and his fingers looked so white and beautiful in contrast. And his eye makeup was awful then. The boy hadn’t learned how to apply it properly yet. It was all smudged under one eye and all winged out on the other side. *laughs* Such a mess, that boy. Still a mess, always a mess.

What are your thoughts on muses? 
 A: Muses! I’ve had loads of them. People, places, animals. They’re great. I like the really magical ones, though, like this bloke I met who calls himself the Golden Man. He’s always leading people in odd directions. I've followed him a few times.

Who’s your favorite artist? And can I guess it’ll be Leonidas Bondi? 
A: Artist! Oh, I love all sorts of artists, but yes, I suppose Leo does hold a certain charm for me. He’s got a sadness in his work, a melancholy that shouldn’t belong with someone his age. When I first met him, he showed me this charcoal drawing he’d done and I just wanted to weep into my hands. The little dear acted as if it was typical for him and he asked me what the drawing meant to me, and I said drowning. His work always has the feeling of drowning in it, and that’s sort of romantic. I’m a sucker for sadness.

Will Juicy Bed ever reunite? 
A: That’s not really in the crystal ball right now, but we’ll see. I still love music but sometimes it can wear you down to nothing. The biggest thing I’ve been tossing around, music wise, is this little fantasy of DJ-ing at a rave or something. Do you know what a rave is? All of these kids in fluorescent colors, dancing to pulsing electronic music under black light. It seems so frightening! I absolutely love it. I want to dabble in that, if someone will let me. I hope I'm not too old. Alright, time to dish.

What’s the weirdest story only you know about Leonidas Bondi? 
A: He’s quite popular, isn’t he? So many Leo questions. Hmmm, let me think, though. I suppose the strangest story I have about Leo is that he lied to me about his age when I first met him. He was only 17; so young. He told me he was 19, and of course, I was already in my early 20s. That’s probably terribly scandalous to say in your magazine, isn’t it? Other than that, one time Leo and I found these old railroad tracks and walked along them for about an hour and then he said he was going to be famous and people would know him all over the world. It’s not that strange of a story but I saw something change in him that night, and you know? He’s done it.

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