Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Promote Your Blogs With Mockups

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Blogging is a wonderful creative outlet for many people. You don't have to be a published author to be a blogger as anyone can create their own blog free on a variety of platforms and share their thoughts on any subject. This can be a hobby, a side business, or a full-time job. The downside to blogging is that it takes quite awhile to build an audience so don't expect to make any money right away. There are already many other blogs out there, so you need to find creative ways to draw in readers.

The #1 way to tell the world that you have a blog is through social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.. However, don't except to get a bunch of attention just from posting a few words or hashtags as most of them get overlooked. What you need to use are unique images to grab people's attention.

With a simple program like Photoshop you can easily make an image to post on social media and you don't have to be a digital artist to accomplish this. All you need is to get a lettering mockup to get you started. You can purchase a variety of mockups (including lettering ones) at Design Bundle to help you design a standout graphic or banner to be shared on your social media accounts. There's even several "free" mockup templates to download in the "free section" on the website.

Many bloggers send out weekly or monthly newsletters to their subscribers/readers to keep them updated on their blog posts, upcoming events, etc.. Not every subscriber will stop by your blog every single day so sending a stylized newsletter to their inboxes will get their attention right away. Design Bundle also has many mockups, digital backgrounds, and graphics to help make your newsletters. Remember, if a subscriber sees something appealing, they'll more than likely share it with others, which can help grow your audience.

If your blog already has a good following, then you can use Design Bundle in other ways, such as making business cards to send out to clients and/or readers. Additionally, you can have the mockups or graphics printed on coffee mugs, t-shirts, canvas bags, etc.. to sell on your blog to make a little income. There are many bloggers and vloggers who sell products like these with their logos on them. Diehard subscribers will love buying something with your logo it. Plus, it's also another great way to market your blog. If a reader wears a t-shirt or carries a bag with your blog's name or web address printed on it to a comic con or a big event, that's free marketing.

Personally, I've been trying my best to have more "unique" graphics on my posts as well as on all my social media posts. Once I figured out how to use Photoshop, making graphics has been pretty easy and I do believe it helps my posts standout more.

Do you use mockups or graphics on your social media accounts? I would love to hear opinions from other bloggers.

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