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Tuesday, September 20

Book Blast: Morgaine Le Fay and The Viking by Kimbra Kasch

Morgaine Le Fay and The Viking
The Viking Series, book 1
by Kimbra Kasch
Publisher: Midnight Frost Books
Pub. Date: August 29, 2016
Price: $3.99
Pages: 254
Buy Link: Amazon

Blurb: Travel across oceans, continents and countries to discover the story of legendary Viking hero, Holger Danske, and his magical romance with King Arthur’s half-sister in Morgaine Le Fay and the Viking.

This is the story of two warriors who never thought they’d find love, especially on the battlefield, yet standing poised against each other Morgaine and Holger face an attraction more powerful than any sword, stronger than any warrior and more magical than all the powers of Merlin.

THREE reasons to read a Viking Romance:.
  • 1) Ragnar;
  • 2) Lagertha; and,
  • 3) Rollo
MORGAINE LE FAY AND THE VIKING is another tale of extraordinary lives and epic adventures. This tale weaves the legends of Holger Danske and Morgaine Le Fay together.

Theirs was a romance that threatened two kingdoms.

An attraction more powerful than any sword, stronger than any warrior and more magical than all the powers of Merlin:


Everyone has heard of King Arthur and his magical sword, Excalibur, but there’s another legendary hero who received a magical sword from the Norse Goddess known as The Lady of the Lake. Meet Holger Danske and his sword “Cortana”.
The Vikings, led by Holger Danske, invaded England. Yet somehow, even as enemies, Holger and King Arthur’s half-sister, Morgaine Le Fay, shared a forbidden love.

Sneak Peek:

Arthur looked up, turning away from the battle before him, as if he’d suddenly awoken from a bad dream. Frantically searching the field, he knew something horrible had happened before he saw it. Somehow, he could feel it.

His eyes locked on one warrior. Even from this distance he could see the man was a giant among men. Broad-shouldered and thick-thighed, his legs squeezed the sides of his horse, as he galloped forward.

Staring as the brutal beast made his way across the field, Arthur was an unwilling witness to the attack. The Nordic warrior was flexed and drawn. Taking aim, he flew like an arrow straight toward his target.

“Nooo!” Arthur’s voice bellowed out of his chest, rising high into the air, as he could do nothing more than watch… Riding fast as the wind, the horned devil swept up beside Arthur’s sister. Whisking her off her saddle, he stole her away before anyone had an opportunity to raise a sword or throw a lance against him.

Smoke billowed up from the ground. Burning arrows lit the dry grasses afire, transforming the meadow into a smoldering field of wooden shafts stabbed into the earth, as the cries of men rang up into the air. Maimed knights and injured warriors littered the field.

But there was only one sight Arthur’s eyes locked upon…

Her white steed was left standing bareback in the open field—a ghostly image amongst the fighting men. A haunting reminder of what had been taken.


Arthur did not hesitate, not for a moment. Digging his heels into the side of his mount, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Morgaine…!”

But it was too late. The savage had his prize. He was riding away with his spoils of war.

About the Author: Kimbra Kasch is a romance writer who grew up in a family with 9 kids and only 1 t.v. So instead of fighting with her brothers and sisters about which shows to watch, she’d spend her days reading and, later, writing, which explains why she love books so much.

Kimbra’s favorite romance novels are The Hunger Games, the Divergent Series and, yes, even the Twilight books. She loves something with a hint of danger and/or paranormal.

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