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Friday, May 15

Plum Deluxe Tea Review

Considering I'm a big coffee lover, it might be a surprise to a few of you to find me reviewing tea! The truth is, while tea isn't my first my choice, I do  occasionally like drinking it.

Recently, I was sent two flavors, Reading Nook Blend and Oregon Breakfast Black Tea, from Plum Deluxe to try out.

Plum Deluxe is a Tea of the Month club, which a bag tea herbs will arrive at your door monthly. You can also purchase the teas separately as well as tea related accessories, such as infusers, loose tea bags, journals and mugs.

All the teas are hand-blended in Portland, Oregon. The teas are organic with no sulfates, no artificial chemicals, and no GMO. Each 1 oz bag makes 15 to 20 cups.

The Oregon Breakfast Black Tea ($7 per oz) contains a mixture of Black Tea, Honeybush Tea, Orange Peels and Hazelnut Essence. Hazelnut, along with Vitamin E,  both give your body an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant boost.

The Reading Nook Blend ($7 per oz) is one of Plum Deluxe's bestselling tea blends. It features a mixture of  Rosebuds, Cream Black Tea, Passionflowers, Lavender and Chamomile.

Now I'm a book nerd, so I was naturally interested in trying out the Reading Nook Blend, which turns out to have a calming and caffeinated effect on me. The tea is great to drink early in the morning or late at night while I'm reading a book. The Oregon Breakfast Black Tea has a strong bold taste with a hint of orange. It's definitely a great tea to drink early in the morning. Overall, I enjoyed drinking both teas and I recommend them to others.

 If you're interested in purchasing one of the tea blends, please visit:

I received a complimentary sample in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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