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Friday, May 8

Orange Wild Amber Blaze Camouflage Ring Review

Besides from my high school ring, I don't think I own any other rings, probably because I'm just not much of a jewelry person to begin with. Right now you're probably wondering why I'm writing a review for a ring. Well, for starters I wanted to keep expanding my territory by reviewing a wide variety of products on here and that will includes reviewing jewelry.

Last month, I received the Orange Wild Amber Blaze Camouflage Ring from SureFire Designs to review!

Yes, I said camouflage!

Not every person likes to wear gold and silver rings, especially those whom like to hunt and participate in other outdoor activities. The Orange Wild Amber Blaze Camouflage Ring is made out of stainless steel and features a wild amber blaze camo pattern. It has a beveled edge with a high polish finish. The 8mm ring can be worn by men or women. It can even be used as a wedding rings!

The ring sizes for the Orange Wild Amber Blaze Camouflage Ring 7 thru 14. I had no clue what my ring size was, so I picked out size 8. It's a little small for my ring finger, but it does fit on my pinkie. I don't know much about rings, but it seems to be well crafted. The camouflage design is cute and really does stand out when you are wearing it. Overall, I think the Orange Wild Amber Blaze Camouflage Ring is a great ring that would make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

The ring can be purchased on currently for $29.97!

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary sample in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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