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Saturday, May 9

Mechanical Tire Gauge Review

Probably one of the things that you never think to check on your car is the pressure in each tire. Actually, under-inflated tires is the #1 factor in blowouts! Having low pressure in your tires causes too much friction when the tire surface touches the ground. This causes stress on your tires which will eventually lead to a blowouts.

Last month, I was sent a neat looking Mechanical Tire Gauge from Federico's Care Care.

It features:

360 Degree Rotating Head

Compact Size 

Durable Rubber Guard Encasing Protection

Air Bleeder Valve

Everyone would probably agree that buying a new tire can be expensive, so getting the most out of your current tires is a must. Owning a "good" tire gauge, like the Mechanical Tire Gauge, can save you time and money. This tire gauge has a cool design that any car owner will love. It's really easy to use, giving you an accurate pressure measurement. Overall, this a great tire gauge to own.

You can purchase the Mechanical Tire Gauge on currently for $17.95!


*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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