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Wednesday, April 9

MIRA Stainless Steel Container Sets Review

My reviews aren't strictly for this blog, as I do post the full reviews or snippets of them on, which has lead to a few companies contacting me, wanting e to review their products. I don't accept all pitches from these companies, but I do accept a select few.

That being said, I was contacted by MIRA Scales to review their Stainless Steel Container Sets and I eagerly agreed to review it.

Actually, I thought I was going to be sent the 3 container set, but I was actually sent an additional 2 container set. The 3 container set features three different sizes, 16 oz, 8 oz and 5 oz, along with blue, light blue and a teal lid. The 2 container set features 2- 5 oz containers with teal lids.

Yes, these containers are small, but they are meant to be lunch containers. Something you can fit inside your coat/jacket pocket, briefcase, book bag, purse or lunchbox. The containers can easily store crackers, chips, brownies, finger sandwiches, pudding or anything you can think of.  Plus, if you are on a diet, these can help with portion control.

The lunch containers are made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and the lids are made of non-toxic LDPE number 4 plastic. All containers are dishwasher safe. The 3 container set retails at $34.99, but can currently be purchased for $17.95 on Amazon. The 2 container set retails at $24.99, but can currently be purchased for $14.95 on Amazon.

At first glance the price may seem a little high for only a few container sets, but if you think about all the money you waste on sandwich plastic bags, the price seems more reasonable. Plus, the stainless steel is durable and will last longer than cheap plastic containers, though you can't put the stainless steel containers in microwaves. Overall, I think the MIRA Stainless Steel Container Sets are a nifty way to have your lunch on the go.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Cool! I never heard about these product reviews, but they seem fun. :) I'm more of a glass container user, but it doesn't hurt try new things.

    Cindy @ In This World of Books..


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