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Thursday, April 10

Book Spotlight & Giveaway - Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy

Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy
By Shozo Sato
Forward by Gengo Akiba Roshi
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Pub. Date: March 11, 2014
Retail: $34.95
ISBN: 978-4805312049
Pages: 176

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Book Description : 

In this beautiful and extraordinary book, Shozo Sato, an internationally recognized master of traditional Zen arts, teaches the Japanese art of calligraphy through the power and wisdom of Zen poetry.

Single-line Zen Buddhist koan aphorisms or zengo are one of the most common subjects for the traditional Japanese brush calligraphy known as shodo. Regarded as one of the key disciplines in fostering the focused, meditative state of mind so essential to Zen, shodo is practiced regularly by all students of Zen Buddhism in Japan. After providing a brief history of Japanese calligraphy and its close relationship with the teachings of Zen Buddhism, Sato explicates the basic supplies and fundamental brushstroke skills that you'll need.

About the Author:

Shozo Sato was awarded the Order of Sacred Treasure from the Emperor of Japan for his contributions in teaching Japanese traditions. His areas of expertise include ikebana (flower arranging), chanoyu (tea ceremony), and Japanese theater, as well as sumi-e (ink painting). He is the author of numerous books including Tea Ceremony, Ikebana, and The Art of Sumi-e. He was the founding director of Japan House at the University of Illinois, where he is Professor Emeritus and continues to teach Japanese arts. He divides his time between Fort Bragg, California and Champaign, IL. 

Billy's Thoughts:

I know very little about the Japanese culture, besides from what I see in movies, but I have always been fascinated with Japanese Calligraphy that I have seen art books. Author Shozo Sato has written the book titled Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy that covers the history of brush calligraphy.

Shodo is much more than just painting words or phrases, as it is meant to be a way to express your true-self. The book contains step-by-step instructions on how to paint different styles (Kaisho, Gyosho, Sosho) of phrases.

I haven't reviewed the book, but I wanted to featured it in a book spotlight, as it looks interesting and I haven't seen very many titles covering the subject of Japanese Calligraphy. Learning to brush these beautiful Japanese Calligraphy phrases can be life changing and make an excellent hobby.


Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy by Shozo Sato
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This is a sponsored post, however all views expressed are my own.

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