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Friday, October 4

So You Can Now Be Twitter Pals With Anyone!

It seems like more and more people are joining the Twitter craze, as there are 500 million registered users as of last year. For those few individuals who don't know what Twitter is, let me give one sentence.

Twitter is social blogging service that lets users "tweet" text messages up to 140 characters.

I first thought Twitter would be great for companies to advertise their brand/product and of course for people to follow their favorite celebrities, but with over 500 million users, I think it is becoming slightly over rated, though most of my blog posts automatically get tweeted.

Recently, Jack Dorsey, aka the creator of Twitter, began tweeting the Iran President Hassan Rouhani. If you keep up with the world news, the United States has some serious issues with Iran, but it seems Dorsey is now friends with Rouhani.

Is Dorsey getting into politics or is he trying to market Twitter in Iran?

Since Dorsey is a businessman, I would have to go with the latter.

What does everyone else think?

Check out the episode of The Daily Rehash, which gives a humorous take on the whole Twitterplomacy!

Jack Dorsey Makes Friends with Iran over Twitter | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

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