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Saturday, October 12

Ice Cream Magic Review

"Just Shake It To Make It!"

If you have ever stood in line to checkout at Walmart, you've probably glanced at the Seen On TV shelves, where you are most likely to find the personal ice cream maker called Ice Cream Magic with the words "Make Ice Cream in 3 Minutes!" on the box. Those words would get anybody's attention as we all remember the electric ice creams that took a lot time and ice to make.

This week I tried out the Ice Cream Magic, which comes in three different swirl caps - Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry, as well as the matching spoon. The outer cup resembles an ice cream cone. It also has a freezing bowl, a measuring scoop, a lid, and a recipe & instruction guide.

The ice cream maker is simple to use:

  1. Fill the cone cup with crushed ice to the indicated line inside it.
  2. Add salt and water to the ice.
  3. Put the freezing bowl over the ice.
  4. Add ice cream ingredients to the fill line of the freezing bowl.
  5. Securely place the lid.
  6. Securely twist the Twirl Cap.
  7. Shake for 3 minutes.

While trying this out for the first time, my ice cream was more like a milk shake. Then I doubled checked the instructions. I had put in regular ice instead of crushed and I forgot to put in the 4 tbsp of water. That being said, I made a few changes to the recipe for my second go-around by putting less salt (2 tbsp) and less water (tbsp). Plus, I had to shake it for a lot longer, pull the lids off and stir until it was finished. Please keep in mind that I only tried the vanilla recipe. Tip: Make sure to mix the ingredients in a separate bowl before pouring it into the freezing bowl.

The Ice Cream Magic is made for kids. With all the commercials on television, I can see why kids would want to have it, and at the price of $9.99, I can see their parents easily buying it for them.

Do I like the product?

Once I did some tampering with the instructions, the ice cream did freeze, but only to a soft serve, which is about 1/4 of a cup (if it is that much). The twirl cap and cone cup are cute, and I can see young kids loving the look. With their parents help with adding the ice, salt, water, cream ingredients and twisting the cap on, kids will have fun shaking the ice cream maker, but in the end result I can see them being disappointed.

I recall when I was in junior high, my class made ice cream from two coffee cans by placing the smaller can inside the bigger can, add the ice and salt around the smaller can, add the cream mixture to the smaller can, place the lids on both cans, and roll the can on the floor until you have ice cream.

Overall, the Ice Cream Magic is an adorable product, but with many flaws, which a few can be fixed with a little tampering to the instructions. The ice cream did taste great, but feel free to use your own recipe and not the ones included. The amount of ice cream is only a few spoonfuls for an adult, but it may be more for a child. I do like the concept of the product, so I'm giving it three out of five.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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