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Saturday, August 31

And the New Batman Is....

Comic geeks have been wondering who will play the Dark Knight in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel (aka Batman Vs. Superman), as the world knows Christian Bale was done with the franchise. Warner Bros. is wanting an older actor to take fight Superman. Maybe it will be Jon Hamm (you know the guy from Mad Men), Karl Urban (Bones from the new Star Trek movie) or Eric Bana (Hanna).

Last week Warner Bros. finally announced who will be the next Batman, which is the one and only ...Ben Affleck!

Yep, the guy who played in Reindeer Games, Surviving Christmas, Forces of Nature and Gilgi. He may have won a few awards for directing, but his acting is not that sharp. If they wanted an older actor to play the part, I would have picked Michael Keaton to return, but instead we get Ben Affleck. It has been reported Ben is in training and I hope they are referring to his acting abilities.

It seems I'm not the only one with the same opinion on this as there has been an outcry of hatred toward Ben Affleck as Batman on twitter.

Watch the episode of The Daily Rehash on their take on fans going batty on twitter.

Ben Affleck is Batman and Twitter goes Batty | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

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  1. Ben Affleck, eh? So no more Dare Devil, then? Because he can be both.


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