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Tuesday, June 25

Watermelon Oreos! A Summer Treat?

It seems someone thought it would be a great idea to mix an Oreo cookie and a watermelon!

Yes, it is summertime, which means companies will try crazy things to sell a product. I'm not the biggest fan of watermelons, but adding the flavor to our beloved Oreo cookies is the wrong thing to do. These Oreo cookies are an exclusive at Target stores.

I wouldn't have known about the Limited Edition Watermelon Oreo, if I hadn't watched The Daily Rehash on the new on-demand digital network launched by Larry King. Each hilarious episode is hosted by host Eric Artell.

Check out the episode below and leave me your comments on the Watermelon Oreo!

Watermelon Oreos Are Here | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

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