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Wednesday, June 19

Prepay it, Garfield!

Prepaid cards are becoming more popular everyday as it is another option instead of the typical checking account and regular credit cards; some can't qualify for either and the prepaid way is much easier. It can even improve your credit score over time.

Besides from gift cards, I have never bought a prepaid card before, but I have looked at them in the stores, normally they're next to the checkout lines. Recently, I got a chance to work with, an online company specializing in Visa© Prepaid Cards issued by The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC, which means every transaction is insured and secured. is safer to use than cash. Nearly everyone is accepted without a credit check.There are no activation fees and you can easily connect your bank account or PayPal account to transfer funds to the card. You can also load cash at Western Union or use Green Dot MoneyPak. The card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. There is free direct deposit, no overdraft fees, no penalty fees, no APRs and no debt. You can withdraw cash from over 55,000 free ATM machines. You can use your smartphone to load checks. There is a monthly maintenance fee, but it is waived if you upload at least $800 in past 30 days through direct deposit. If you no longer need the card before the expiration date, you can easily call a toll-free number and cancel it, which there is a slight charge for it. A check with any remaining balance will be sent to you.

There are hundreds of fun and stylish cards to choose fun, like the Three Stooges, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, Care Bears, Mythbusters, Popeye, and Garfield.

I occasionally make a few bucks from blogging and freelance writing, which I normally get paid through PayPal. I became interested in trying out the card when I learned that I could transfer funds from PayPal. It would be great to have a card like this with you in case of emergencies, even if you only have a few bucks in it. nicely offered me a $25 preload on a card of my choice in exchange for my honest thoughts on it. I'm a big Garfield fan, so naturally I picked The Garfield Card and filled out some personal information, which only took a few minutes. I received the card in the mail yesterday, which took less than a week to arrive. Then I went online and went through a few easy steps to activate the card. It was very easy to use. There is a $5.95 monthly maintenance fee, which I thought was cheaper than the ones I looked at in the stores Overall, I'm more than impressed with the card, especially the speed of the delivery. I recommend prepaid cards for college students, bloggers, writers, and everyone else.

*Quick Tip - Summer is here, which means going on family vacations. Carrying large amounts of cash is most likely to get stolen. A person could easily put their cash on a prepaid card and you wouldn't have to worry about anything. 

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