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Tuesday, June 18

MMPR "Might Morphin Power Ranges" Rebooted

I've been feeling a little bit nogalistic ever since I reviewed a few Power Rangers titles this year, resulting with me buying the complete series of MMPR a few months back. Last night, I was randomly surfing the internet for any geeky thing I could think of and I came across a fan-made teaser trailer for an upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan film. I've never had the urge to watch a fan film, but this one does look interesting.

The people behind this fan-made incarnation are die hard fans of the original series, but have been disappointed with where the franchise has went, which is basically nowhere as the PR franchise keeps recycling the same formula with every new series. The MMPR project started out on Kickstart at a goal of $18,500 and is currently at $32,610 with 10 days to go.

Check out the trailer!

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