Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Review - GSP's RUSHFIT

If you are just like me, then you've probably made a few New Year's Resolutions. One of the most poplar resolution craze is fitness, due the fact that all the department stores have exercise equipment and accessories on sale, and let’s face it; you'll probably have some guilt over eating that extra piece of fudge at Christmas.

Instead of waiting until after New Year's Day to start a new exercise routine, I wanted to start a new workout program, so I wouldn't have to be feel any guilt about indulging in a few cups of egg nog. I'm a night owl, which means I have seen countless infomercials, where I happen to catch the George St-Pierre's RUSHFIT 8 week- workout program advertisement. Yes, I know that there are many fitness infomercials out there, but RUSHFIT caught my eye as it didn't require any other equipment other than dumbbells (2 lbs - 25lbs), which I already own.

I received the workout program by UPS within a week, packaged in a cardboard box with the RUSHFIT logo printed on it containing the five DVD workouts (Full Body Strength & Conditioning; Abdominal Strength & Core Conditioning; The Fight Conditioning Workout; Strength & Endurance Workout; and the Explosive Power Training), the bonus DVD workouts (Balance & Agility and Stretching For Flexibility), the cardboard box case, 3 workout programs (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced), the Nutrition Guide, and the Workout Guide.

The RUSHFIT program was created especially for MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter George St-Pierre by his trainer Erik Owings. It’s okay if you're not a MMA fighter or an athlete as the program is made for anyone who wants to get into shape by helping you burn fat and build muscle. The program lasts eight weeks which you can choose between the three different training calendars depending on your overall fitness level. There is an assessment video on the RUSHFIT website, and it is also featured on the bonus disc, to determine what level you should start with and help you track your results.

The workouts start with a ten minute warm-up, followed by a thirty minute workout, and ends with a five minute cool down. Each workout consists of many air squats, burpees, and a few lunges. Five high intensity circuits are used in each workout. Dumbbells are used for several workouts, which you can use from 2 to 25 pounds depending on your strength. There are days on the schedule that just says "CARDIO", which means you can either jog, use a treadmill, cycle, or workout to another cardio DVD for at least thirty minutes for the weeks 1-4 at medium intensity and increase to forty minutes or more for weeks 5-8.

The nutrition guide is a bare bone guide, giving you a list of what foods to eat or not to eat during the eight weeks. I was somewhat disappointed that there wasn't a calendar or healthy recipes in the guide.

Despite my dislike for the nutrition guide, I was impressed with the RUSHFIT home exercise program. The workouts are 45 minutes, but the time flew by while I was exercising. The warm-up is the same on each DVD, which does get repetitive, but is needed to prevent injuries. Even though none of the workouts are considered cardio, I did end up covered in sweat by the end each workout. The instructor, Erik Owings, doesn't waste anytime or goof around and neither does George St-Pierre, who at times stumbles, proving that no one is perfect even if you are an athlete. Air squats may seem easy, but it does get challenging after thirty. I've never been a fan of burpees, but after the first week they become easier. RUSHFIT is more professionally put together than other workout programs on the market. While I have been using the program, I have noticed increased strength in my legs and back, and I have also lost seven pounds. Overall, I've more than enjoyed the results I have seen from the RUSHFIT program and I recommend it to others.

Disclaimer: I received this product "free of charge" in exchange of my honest review.

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  1. I like Rushfit too, but felt I was losing some of my mass gains. Instead, I created a Rushfit-P90X hybrid to add some weight training to the program. Rushfit really makes you sweat from every body part.


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