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Thursday, November 15

Third Time's the Charm by Vivi Anna

Third Time’s the Charm

You know what’s great about today’s publishing market? The fact that a book can get another chance to find a readership and it doesn’t have to find it within three months of it being published. This book Vanquished has already been published, twice before. The first time was by a very small epublisher back in 2004. The second time, was by a big NY publisher, Kensington Books. Problem was it didn’t sell all that well. So I was able to get my rights back to it. And now I can do it right this time. With the perfect cover and perfect pricing. I’m ecstatic to be able to get this book, one of my favorites I’ve ever written, back out to a whole slew of new readers on my terms.

Here’s the evolution of the book initially called Hell Kat.

(first cover, the one the girl crouched on a gargoyle)

(the pink manga style)

(then the current cover)

 I think the third time is the charm. What do you think?

A Hell Kat Novel Book One 
Vivi Anna 
Genre: futuristic with romantic elements 
ASIN: B009Z05Y7U 
Number of pages: 300 pgs 
Word Count: 60K 
Cover Artist: Frauke Spanuth, Croco Designs
Buy Link: Amazon

Book Description: 

Smart, sexy, and kick-ass brave, Kat has the fighting skills of a warrior and a determination few men can match. She’s caught in a post-apocalyptic world where only the rich live well and Kat is determined to be one of them. To make her dream come true and reunite with her daughter up North, the fearless treasure hunter has to get her hands on a lot of money, and that’s going to take every bit of talent she’s got. With her devoted partner Damian by her side, Kat sets out to make one last big score in a city rumored to be the nesting place of vicious mutated people. The stakes are high and they get even higher when she discovers her rival, Hades, is after the same thing. Big, mean, and sexy as hell, he’s just the sort of man Kat loves to take to tangle with and will if he can help her in her quest. 

 WARNING: contains scorching hot love scenes 

About the Author:

Vivi Anna is an award winning, Canadian multi-published author in paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and scifi with close to 19 books and novellas for Harlequin and others.

Vivi is the current president of CARWA and also a co-founder of the popular #TVwriterchat on twitter. She’s also an aspiring screen/TV writer.

You can find her at, or procrastinating on twitter at


  1. I think in this case, third time is really the charm! Also, I do think that a great cover is important for a book to sell. =)

  2. So true Dia. Thanks for the comment! I'm so happy with my last cover.


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