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Tuesday, September 18

Mommy Bear Media Carries Childhood Memories

After reviewing Saved by the Bell back in August, I couldn't get the silly theme song out of my head. I used a $15.00 coupon code given to me by Mommy Bear Media (where you can find family-friendly movies and television series) along with my own money to buy Saved by the Bell Seasons Three & Four. I also bought the Saved by the Bell: Double Feature Two Movies set that features the two made-for-television movies, Hawaiian Style and Wedding in Las Vegas.

I was hooked on Saved by the Bell when I was a kid, but I think every kid in the early 90s watching it. The first & second DVD set went by the syndication order and not the original airdate. The episode order in the season 3 & 4 is worse than the previous. Yes, Lionsgate once again went by the syndication order, but there are a few two part episodes that have another episode in between them. The episodes at the summer resort are randomly mixed in with the Bayside High episodes for discs 1-3. The continuity error doesn't bother me too much, but it could become a problem for any new fan of the series.

The series actually aired for four seasons, but the production filmed five different batches, aka five seasons.

The episodes are:

Disc One - The Famous Belding Boys; Breaking Up is Hard to Do; The Glee Club; The Last Dance; Zack's Birthday Party; The Aftermath

Disc Two - The Game; Operation Zack; Fourth of July; Wicked Stepbrother part 1; Wicked Stepbrother part 2; Check Your Mate

Disc Three - My Boyfriend's Back; Fake IDs; Boss Lady; Pipe Dreams; The Last Weekend; Date Auction; All in the Mall

Disc Four - S.A.T.'s; Palm Springs Weekend Part 1; Hold Me Tight; Palm Springs Weekend Part 2; No Hope With Dope; Rockumentary; Cut Day; Home for Christmas Part 1; Home for Christmas Part 2; Mystery Weekend

Major highlights during the season are the breakup of Zack and Kelly, the breakup of Slater and Jesse, the six summer episodes at the resort, and the two-part Palm Springs episodes. The plots are better in seasons 3 & 4, though Screech becomes less of a nerd and more of a goofball sidekick. My favorite is the two-part Christmas episode that use to air on TBS every holiday season up until a few years ago. Despite the order errors, I enjoyed watching the DVD set.

During the height of its popularity, the series aired a primetime movie titled Hawaiian Style Vacation during the fourth season. The movie is missing from the seasons 3 & 4 set, but Liongates later released the movie along with Wedding in Las Vegas on a single disc. The Hawaiian Style is set during the summer in between season three & four, while it actually aired in November 1992. (Note: The movie was actually filmed as wrap-up to the series, but the producers ordered a fifth batch of episodes in which Elizabeth Berkley and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen didn't return for.)

The plot involves the Bayside gang going to Hawaii to visit Kelly's grandfather, played by Dean Jones, but they soon find out that her grandfather's hotel business is going under due to a new resort taking all the business. He is going to loose the property if he doesn't get some tourists to check in. Of course, the gang helps out by conning a group of principles, including their own Mr. Belding, into checking out of the resort and checking into the hotel. Due to the fact that there is no staff, the gang fills in as the staff.

I had forgotten how the movie went, as I probably haven't seen it in at least fifteen years. The plot reminds me of the 1939 classic Blondie Takes a Vacation. There's also a side-story in Hawaiian Style involving Zack falling in love with an older single mother. Hawaiian Vacation actually stands out from the series with its clever writing.

After the short lived series Saved by the Bell: The College Years was cancelled, Wedding in Las Vegas served as the series finale for the original Saved by the Bell cast. I recall watching the movie when it aired on October 7, 1994, but I don't think I ever rewatched it until last week, so the movie was kind of new to me.

The movie is centered on Zack and Kelly getting married in Las Vegas. They only have $1,200 dollars to spend on it, but after Zack gets caught speeding, he no longer has any money. As soon as they arrive, Zack and Screech get odd jobs, but then they end up as male escorts as they try to raise the wedding money. Meanwhile, Slater gets involve with Carla, whose ex-boyfriend is a mobster. The whole gang get involved in a jewel heist, but of course everything ends happily ever after for Zack and Kelly.

Wedding in Las Vegas gives the Saved by the Bell fans a proper farewell along with a couple of cameos by old cast-members during the wedding ceremony. Overall, I enjoyed watching both movies and I recommend the DVD to other fans.

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  1. Thanks for the great post! I loved this show growing up and it's great to hear about it so many years after it ended.


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