Thursday, 27 October 2011

13 Days of Halloween - King of the Merge Giveaway

I would like to thank author John Hansen for the following guest post. For more information on his work visit his blog.


William Brookshire is just a simple college student, out collecting a couple of items for a late night rendezvous with the girl who used to be the love of his life, when a spontaneous street race turns his life upside down.

He knows it isn’t his fault when the driver of the Porsche runs a red light, knows it isn’t his fault when the driver dies of the injuries he sustained during the horrible accident, but William just can’t make himself believe he is completely free of fault. And when a vision of the driver starts appearing in his room, starts stalking him around campus, it threatens to drive him mad.

Why Bother?

Bradley Convissar is an AMAZING horror author. He has this way of telling a story so dramatically and effectively it really compels you to read on. Being a big fan of his books, I am so excited to host this book for a giveaway. It was released only yesterday! If you would like to see how much I love this author, read my review of Dogs of War, which is currently my favorite indie book of horror. Why else should you enter? Well, the book is being offered for free for goodness sake’s! Doesn’t that intrigue you, at all?

Bradley Convissar has promised to giveaway three copies of this horror novella in honor of Halloween. That means three lucky winners! Be sure to enter before the giveaway’s closing on the 31st!

How to Enter:

I wanted to make this simple and easy, so here are the requirements. To enter all you must do is leave a comment on this blog post or my blog post ( with your email address, stating that you have followed the requirements, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. The requirements are as follows:

a) You must follow my blog – – if you haven’t already

b) Follow my twitter – @ABoredAuthor – if you haven’t already and if you have a twitter account

c) If you are one of the three lucky winners, Bradley would really appreciate a review of his book.

Simple enough, right?

Bradley also wanted me to share this with you, a screenshot of King of the Merge at its height in sales. It reached the number 21 bestseller in horror ebooks on Amazon! So to see what all of the buzz is about, be sure to enter in this giveaway! And now for my brief review:

As one may say, “Bradley Convissar strikes again”. This was an interesting, different novella, one that I have never read anything like. It was creepy and compelling at the same time and I read it in only the two sittings. The one thing that I disliked about this book, however, was all of the unnecessary obscenity throughout it. I hate that in books and I found myself coming across a number of “TMI” moments and saying to myself, “really Bradley? Do you really have to say that?” In my humble opinion, this book would be much better if given a thorough cleansing and I am sure many of you would agree. That being said, this was still a great book. I enjoyed the protagonist and his internal conflict with the specter… that was way cool. I was also intrigued by his awkward relationship with his “friend” and the revelation at the end really got me. This was a uneasy, chilling horror novella that I believe you all would enjoy. It is not gory or frightening or action-packed. It is… different… but in such a good way! Although this is not Bradley’s best book, it was an enjoyable, creepy read that is perfect for a Halloween giveaway like this one!

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